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The Fuelling Futures project is designed to empower and inform young professionals on how to maintain a balance while growing and overcoming obstacles in life which affect progress.
Youth who were born at South Africa’s democracy point are the target market and 25 years since democracy There is no better way to frame the proposition. Fuel is important in life, it represents energy, staying power and ability to pull through the challenges faced in the workplace, at home and in building personal relationships.


Fuelling Futures delivers hope and inspiration to women & young professionals

Hope and inspiration, against the odds, are at the heart of a powerful new leadership memoir called Fuelling Futures, From Influence to Impact, by overcomer, Tshepiso Phosa – who started life in her activist mother’s womb in prison 28 years ago and has risen to great heights as a director, philanthropist, and entrepreneur – and Timothy Maurice Webster, author and brain & brand expert.

In her young life, Tshepiso has survived a rape incident, physically abusive relationships, and at her lowest fuel point, she once tried to take her own life. The book, positioned as a leadership memoir, captures her story as an example that reverse role play is possible and that all women young or old can come back from gender-related attacks on their femininity, and it serves as a handbook to open conversations and navigate narratives on how to bounce back from social injustice.

Webster says he is sharply focused on activating a healthy dialogue on the subject of gender equality and equal opportunity. “I met Tshepiso and was immediately drawn to her bold fighting spirit to create her own legacy. Her dream and potential is legit, and it’s wrapped up in agriculture, petroleum and rugby – all male dominated industries.

I commend her bold and fearless spirit and intent on this Fuelling Futures journey, and together we are playing our part in levelling the playing field for women & young professionals in Africa and the world.”

The book is filled with inspiration, hope and direction for women & young professionals who are being suppressed in their work environment; women who have been physically and emotionally abused; or battled depression, and who feel that their future is dark because of any one of these factors.

Phosa says, “We live in an unpredictable world with social, political and gender bias staring us in the face and the next generation is struggling to get a grip on their purpose and existence. Their future is often unclear and some choose to turn to criminality and dehumanizing activities. This book offers a beaming light of possibility and living proof that it is possible to overcome negativity and dignity- crushing gender-biased experiences.”

Fuelling Futures investigates how Tshepiso is influencing the world around her, from tackling the fuel industry to fuelling the lives of thousands of orphans. Nothing about her life has been certain or secure and she has faced the extremes of trauma to triumph, from being raped as a young girl to being the youngest & first woman to ever sit on the boards of all-male organisations.

Phosa adds, “My future is wrapped up in my ability to fuel my dreams. I choose not to be a victim of my circumstance, but rather a vessel for transformation in this lop-sided world.” In her professional career she has chosen to influence and impact male-dominated industries and to fuel the futures of young women like her who are affected negatively by #Metoo #MaleAgression #GenderImbalance with her book.

Webster says the book will inspire women & young professionals to rethink what’s possible in their future. “You’ll want to cheer Tshepiso on while clapping for your own future at the same time.”

Fuelling Futures, From Influence to Impact by Tshepiso Phosa and Timothy Maurice Webster, is published by Fuelling Futures PTY LTD and distributed by Blue Weaver Marketing & Distribution

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