Advanced programme – 12 part course


Advanced programme

  • Learn at a faster pace and participate in the full programme
  • Get a polished demo,
  • Position yourself for a spot on the HOMEGROWN Radio team
  • Get one on one coaching on your radio journey and career.


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Thank you for your interest in radio training and your personal development.
We are dedicated to your development and growth.
  • Are you interested in studying radio ?
  • Do you have the skill but need the touch ups ?
  • Are you looking for ways in which to get closer to the industry ?
  • Do you want to join a network of enthusiasts who develop build and coach each other?
Leadership 2020 invites you to join the
I Was Born To Speak On Radio
12 part radio training programme.

On this course you will get exposed to some of the great radio minds who have been in the game and made a name and career for them selves from radio.

You will get to understand the nature of the business of radio and sales and content and how they all work together to create value for stakeholders, including talent.

If you believe you were born to speak on radio and you want to develop your skills and grow, we hope that after reviewing the above you will take action in joining the programme.

Also we guarantee the following:
  • Top performing students get the chance to access internships and unique opportunities at radio stations.
  • One on one and group coaching opportunities
  • Once you have finished the course you will have polished promotional tools for the development of your career
  • You will have created a new network of people with similar interests, this has potential power for the future

I Was Born To Speak On Radio is looking forward to welcoming you on board as a student, learner and member of the family. Upon receipt of your payment / registration / commitment you will immediately receive your invitation to this weekends webinar entitled RADIO TALENT


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