Timothy Maurice Webster has pioneered the Personal Brand Intelligence and Influence based on his first four books which helped leaders, entrepreneurs and influencers understand the practical and psychological components of building your personal brand and influencing the world around them. This course will equip you to identify your personal brand purpose, re-invent yourself, position yourself authentically and ultimately position yourself masterfully in order to make and influential impact in your career and community. 


Timothy has consulted some of the world’s most influential professionals and his work is not only research based, but practical and easy to incorporate. In this 4 module course you’ll be inspired to package and position yourself to live your goals and dreams. 


Module One: Personal Brand Identity and Influence Discovery • Discover your personal brand identity
• Understand how your value can lead to influence
• How to identify your personal brand direction 

  • Structuring your personal brand manifesto for sustainable impact 

Module Two: Re-Inventing Your Personal Brand
• Why it’s important to innovate in your own life and personal brand • How to re-invent yourself once you outgrow the old you
• Restore your reputation 

Module Three: Authetic Influence
• Build an authentic and truly impactful personal brand
• Learn the tools of connecting with your audience in a real way • Understand the brains of your stakeholders
• Connect with your audience at a core, gut level 

Module Four: Personal Brand Intelligence, Influence and Mastery • Build a leading personal brand at the highest level
• Master the art of influence to become an industry leader
• Learn to map your brand online and monetize your influence 

  • Become masterful at influential collaborations in order to network your power base. 

basic package

– PBQ Workbook

– 4 webinars 

– Weekly training (without feedback or markings)  

advanced package

– 4 webinars 

– 4 weeks learning (exercise with feedback)

– 4 signed hard Copy TMW books (shipped and sent to you with a personal message from the author)

– 1 x One on One session  – a 30 minute personal branding session that will change your persoective

– 2 x group learning sessions (with the students)

– PBQ Workbook