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Week five: Tasks

To: Intermediate & Advanced Students

From: Leadership 2020 & Rise Up & Do It

Date: Wednesday 12 August 2020

Due Date: 
Friday 14th August 2020 15h00

Meet the students from I Was Born To Speak

As they host a webinar as part of the learning and growth on their 3 month training programme.

The purpose of this event is to engage with students to take their product and brand to market knowing that they have a safe space to play in.

The webinar is fully designed and created and hosted by paying students on the course and will be marketed and collectively showcased to encourage others to begin their public speaking journey.

Make a date and join the students of I Was Born To Speak Public Speaking Academy and cheer them on.

The Stage Is Yours – Time To Take It.

On Saturday 22nd August at 11h00 we will participate in a webinar organized by you the advanced and intermediate students on the I Was Born To Speak Programme.

The objective of the exercise is to review and see how you perform together as a unit. It will require some planning and scheduling and there will not be enough time for everybody to speak.

The event is from 11h00 – 12h30 and will require a theme and subsequent positioning so that it can create attention and be of use to those who attend. It is a public event and will be marketed as such by you.

  • We need an MC (We propose Raymond)
  • We need 3 speakers with specific topics (Nompu, Gemima, Shadrack)
  • We need marketing, letting people know about your event and getting registrations using social media and email and sms / whatsapp marketing
  • We need promo videos from each of you promoting your talk and the event.

This task is designed to focus on the team’s ability to work together and put on a show. It’s a group learning exercise that is focused on speaking, planning, preparation, execution, and branding and team co-ordination.

WhatsApp Image 2020-08-05 at 12.28.04
You will be measured on:
  • Working in a group
  • Individual presentations
  • Overall event
  • Marketing and promotion of self and the platform
Deadline – Friday 14th August 2020 15h00
  1. Please submit the speaker line up and theme and name of the event
  2. Please prepare the promotional write (100 words) up and pictures of the speakers with titles for branding
  3. Please submit a promo video 30 seconds long promoting you and your talk at the event
  4. Please have fun while doing it
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