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Week four:             |

Intermediate & Advanced Students

Leadership 2020 & Rise Up & Do It

Wednesday 5 August 2020 

Due Date:              
Tuesday 11 August 12h00 midday

Dear Public Speaker

Welcome to week 4 tasks on the advanced I Was Born To Speak Programme.

Thank you for attending the webinar on Saturday 1st August.
It was an explosive and disruptive one – please feel free to watch I back again below:

We appreciate your feedback and input on the trainings. Please do email us your suggestions / input in your own time to

WEEK 4 TASK Picking Packaging & Delivering Your Talk

This weeks task is designed around a 3 part talk and research

Let me explain the 3 part talk.

Duration: 5 minutes

  • (Careers) Women in Agriculture
  • Youth Unemployment
  • Tourism in Africa

Audience: Government officials
Outcome: To hire you to speak again
Shooting Style: Landscape

You have walked into a boardroom in Pretoria and a collective of government communications executives are waiting for you to present yourself to them as an educator.

The problem statement is that people don’t listen to government officials, but they listen to real people, hence they want to hire cool people like you.

You are there to pitch yourself to get selected for going on the national roadshow with the different departments visiting communities where you will be part of an communications and education roadshow.

WhatsApp Image 2020-08-05 at 12.28.04
Heres some advice on how to structure your talk:

The Opening

  • Tell us who you are and why you are on earth
  • Entice us in something personal to get us to like you
  • Create a bridge to your topic from your personal vulnerable moment

The Meat

  • Choose your subject and introduce your talk and its title
  • Give us the meat of what you want to focus on that is  fascinating
  • Allow us to get some clear takeaways from the meat of the talk a minimum of 3 things we can take away

The Closing

  • Create an opportunity for the audience to follow you and connect with you
  • Engage the audience in an optional offer to book your services.
  • Be firm and deliver a punchline that has you leave the stage with a standing ovation.

Once you have recorded your talk, please upload it to a streaming link and submit the link here:

  • Ability to master the brief
  • Speaker Preparation / notes

Timeline: Please submit no later than Tuesday 11 August 12h00 midday