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Week two:             |

Intermediate & Advanced Students

Leadership 2020 & Rise Up & Do It

Tuesday 14th July 2020 

Due Date:              
Thursday 16th July 2020 no later than 20h00

Welcome to Task #2 in the I Was Born To Speak Public Speaking Series.


This week it’s about to get more technical and practical so please be prepared to jump in and execute these small exercises that when put together create magic.


Following on from our explosive sessions on Confidence – Part a) a key note from Dr Mamikie Molapo and Part b) a follow up training class held with intermediate and advanced students with 5 minute presentations. 

If you missed these please have a look here below.


We are now going to tackle three key things to improve how we take ownership of when given the microphone and the platform.


  1. Ice Breaker (Soften the environment)
  2. Punchline (Energy Control)
  3. Audience Participation (Permission, Fun, Inclusion)



Please send a series of 3 x 1 minute videos addressing the above brief with your response. Notes for your execution are:


  • The Ice Breaker is a method of warming up the room
  • The Punchline is a floating tool you can use, the delivery and breathing is key
  • Audience participation – Your techniques to engage an audience.

Use a landscape recording method and begin each video with the following:


Hi my name is X I am here to X ….


Please submit your three videos via a streaming link (google, wetransfer or similar) on Thursday 16th July 2020 no later than 20h00 to


You are invited to a #IWBTS training session on Saturday 18th July at 11h00 – 12h00

You are required to prepare a 5 minute talk to present on Saturday.

You have been invited to a conference to give a short talk to motivate employees working in the health care sector. These are front liners who require inspiration and motivation and also a chance to smile.

Your talk should relate to the conference theme and should be delivered in your own unique style. The Health care workers are in dire need of encouragement and to be reminded that they are valued and appreciated.


CONFERENCE THEME:  Reset, Resist, Rebuild

In your talk you will be required to include at least 1 of the conference themes.

You may want to include it in the title of your talk

You are also welcome to prepare any supporting content for your presentation, this is optional.


You will be measured on the following:

  1. Adherence to the brief and delivery
  2. Quality of your talk against the brief
  3. Tone, sensibility & closing

*Your talk is to be supported by your presentation notes which are also to be submitted on Thursday 16th July at 20h00 along with your 3 x 1 Minute videos.