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Six steps to Public Speaking Greatness with coach Hector Motivator.


Hector exudes a passion that elegantly complements his upbeat personality. Bright and warm, like his favorite color yellow, he’s always seen himself as a bringer of light. A village boy with the gift of the gab and a passion for motivation, Hector decided early on that uplifting and inspiring others would be his chief personal and professional pursuits. Today, close to two decades later, he remains resolute about his business. 


Hector has a core belief that a life with no motivation is one of stagnation. In addition, to create the lives we imagine, we must constantly be willing to discover and explore creative ways of staying motivated enough to pursue our goals.

His aim is to equip South Africans with the tools, insights and information needed to inspire and motivate themselves – and to stay committed in pursuing their purpose.

Hector’s lively and animated personality, added to his unique presentation style, have earned him a steady base of satisfied clients over the past 17 years. His signature approach to motivation first opens the heart with laughter and then fills the soul with inspiration.

Full programme

  • 4 x group coaching sessions
  • Speaker training manual
  • 1 x One on One coaching session
  • 4 x webinar training events
  • 4 x practical exercises with feedback 
  • 1 x promo webpage on Leadership 2020 to promote your speaking potential
  • A signed copy of Hector Motivators book.
Introduction to Motivational Speaking

The history of the motivation industry local & international
Getting into the industry
The basic requirements of getting into this field Full time or part time

Crafting YOUR Signature Motivational Message

Personal story
What you feel strongly about

Delivery Techniques Presentation Skills

Voice training
The evangelist, the teacher

Building credibility

The 10 000 hour principle

Getting qualifications LEARN

Building & Marketing your speaker brand

Your message

Your dress code
Your target audience The four P’s of marketing Agents

The Business of Speaking

Registering your business

The administration
Naming your business
Determining your fees and sales strategy