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Meet The Artiste – Janine Jkuhl

Meet The Artiste – Janine Jkuhl

Janine Jkuhl (pronounced Jay-Cool), born Janine Coombs in Kingston Jamaica, is an Independent- Alternative-Fusion Singer-Songwriter and Recording Artiste who admires the art of music. We got a chance to interview her and get to know more about her journey and her music.


Her eclectic love of different music genres can be heard fused in her albums “Star Gaze” (2009) and “Sweet Sway” (2020). She has been featured on the global news network CNN “The Voices of The Pandemic” reaching over 60 million people world wide, as well as featured on other international and local Jamaican television and radio programmes.


Many have compared her to Barbara Streisand, Esperanza Spalding and Sade. They have described her voice as Angelic and Pure, leaving you in a trance wanting to hear more. 


A part from being a performer, songwriter, producer, media host, music publicist and actress , she is a part-time researcher documenting the life and works of Jamaican composers for the Music Unites Jamaica Foundation, a non-for-profit organisation dedicated to preserving, educating, honing and building the Jamaican music cultural heritage.


Follow her at: 


IG: @janine_jkuhl

Youtube: Janine Jkuhl


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