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I am Makhosazana Msibi, 28 years of age, born and bred in Carolina, Mpumalanga. I am a BA Psychology Graduate and I also hold a Post-Graduate Diploma in Educational Management. I am the Founder and CEO of Zamandlondlo Holdings, I am also the Founder and Chairperson of an NPO called YMCGO in Carolina-Mpumalanga, hence I am a mentor to many. I am currently promoting myself as an MC & an Event Planner and a Public Speaker. I am a Philanthropist at heart, currently I serve as a Music Researcher Volunteer on Rise FM, Mpumalanga. I am an Executive Secretary at my URCSA Congregation, Carolina. I am a former manager to DJ Soniq. I refer to myself as a Radio Guru, I have been invited for live radio interviews on Ligwalagwala FM, Rise FM and VOC FM and I look forward to achieving my dream in the radio or media industry. I have blogged for Leadership 2020, with an article titled “ones journey to success”.

Reality check at its core, blowing up as an entrepreneur or business man or rather woman can be devastating. One of the most devastating supreme involves having no capital to start your business, which can be a game changer. You can have this brilliant idea that could start off small but later on turn into millions or even billions and trillions for that matter. As one of our very own inspirational people “DJ Sbu” always says in his motivations “always grind and keep on hustling”. The big question here is how do you keep on grinding and hustling hard when you cannot even start up or register your business? it even worse when you are unemployed. The biggest setback for many people is getting capital to start the business and to sustain it for long-term endeavour. Reality within the entrepreneurial space is that it never easy making it to the top, even if you have a wonderful business idea, it is reality at its most ladies and gentlemen.

Earlier on I spoke about having a brilliant business idea and having no capital to start up your business and maintain it, hence the focus for today lies beneath the hindrances that exist in the process of blowing up as your start your business. It even worse when you know deep down in your heart that you want to own a business one day but find yourself not able to pin point your passion in the sphere. Our very own Vusi Thembekwayo always gives advice on starting with a purpose and passion, because if you do so you will never give up and you will never fail. Reality of the matter is that it ok to not figure out what your business sphere is, it normal but when you do seek entrepreneurial advice from those who have been there and those that are booming from success. It also ok not to have capital to start up or sustain your business, we all start there as infant entrepreneurs, business man or woman, it a learning curve and humbling moments we can reflect on years to come.

As we journey through in our businesses we need to bear in mind that not all doors that we knock to will respond positively to our requests. Hence there is also a saying that says “not all doors that are closed are locked”. No matter how much the going gets tougher, always stay in your lane, believe and always remind yourself why you started the business from the first place, by doing that you will have achieved hustler. In the words of Sibusiso Leope (DJ Sbu) keep on hustling hustler and always grind. One day it will all work out, never mind the hindrances you had to sacrum in the process or still are, you have and had to because it all part of the journey, the process and hustle as many would say. Always remember that regardless of the hindrances we may come across in life, dreams are worth achieving hustler, remain unshaken, determined and always passionate about your hustle.

– Makhosazana Msibi

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