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Learn, Laugh, and sip some coffee – a Homegrown Radio Bootcamp with a difference

Learn, Laugh, and sip some coffee – a Homegrown Radio Bootcamp with a difference

It is 08:00, Wednesday 23 June 2021. Location; Homegrown Farm, Centurion, South Africa. Although this venue has hosted 6 previous bootcamps, the 7th Homegrown Radio Bootcamp was different in so many ways. With a third Covid-19 wave and an adjusted alert level 3 lockdown announced, the number of attendees was significantly reduced to adhere to the restrictions. This was a blessing in disguise as it allowed for a more focused and intense training session. However, not all was lost for those who couldn’t make the cut for the physical attendance because the bootcamp was streamed live on Instagram and Facebook.

With the theme, “consistency is currency”, the day started with an intense warm-up session facilitated by Homegrown Fit’s no-nonsense muscleman, Sir Smats, which left the attendees sweating in the cold and gasping for air. This was followed by a moving talk by Leadership 2020’s motherly Desiree, who spoke about destiny, commitment, and the pitfalls of the internet. Desiree’s words haunted many as they reflected on the time they wasted on their electronic devices, and the harmful material they consume from the internet.

It was during this session that new recruits from the Central Johannesburg College (CJC) were welcomed to Homegrown Radio, where they will be working as interns in content production, technical production, sound, etc. Graduates from the I Was Born to Speak on Radio training course were also welcomed into the Homegrown family. While all this was happening, Lockdown Breakfast host, Karabo Pro Magasa was on the mic, having a conversation with veteran actor, Patrick Sanku Bokapa, known for his current role as Advocate Bopape on popular youth drama, Skeem Saam.

After the session with Desiree, the young broadcasters attended a masterclass on the art of coffeemaking from Monate Coffee’s Tumi Khobane, who taught them about the origins of coffee and the difference between blends of coffee. The shock on the faces of almost everyone when they learned that most of what they drink at home is more chicory than coffee was priceless.


After some coffee tasting and photo ops, it was time to get a practical example of hosting an impressive interview from legendary Zimbabwean broadcaster, Tony Friday. Tony was in conversation with entrepreneur and founder of Sheila Afari PR, Sheila Afari, who proved that consistency is indeed currency when she spoke about her humble beginnings, founding an events company as a student in Cape Town. Sheila spoke about how she stumbled upon entrepreneurship while she was studying Psychology and how consistency has sustained her ever since. Among other things, Sheila spoke about stereotypes some people have about women in leadership. This was prompted by a question from one of the students who asked if she ever comes across such challenges because she is a woman. Sheila Afari’s story and Tony Friday’s impeccable interview’s skill left the attendees inspired.

After lunch and all the in-depth learning, it was time for some belly laugh with stand-up comedy from Nkukza and Jazzbuda. Titled “Homegrown Unplugged”, this session was hosted by I Was Born to Speak on Radio graduate, KayKay. Guided by Leadership 2020’s Nicolas Regisford, Kaykay did an impressive job ushering the acts onto stage and directing the audience. The comedians had everyone in stiches with some jaw-dropping gags and some below-the-belt jabs. The comedy was followed by poetry from Lebo Diverse, a gender non-binary poet who uses a gender-neutral pronoun “they”. This was a learning moment for some of the attendees, and they handled it with humility and understanding. The session was closed by Ayisha, who delivered a moving poem about her experiences of discrimination and racism as a young, black Muslim.


True to tradition, the bootcamp wrapped up with testimonies from the students and graduates of the I Was Born to Speak on Radio training programme, followed by a closing prayer.


From the students’ testimonies, it is clear the 7th Homegrown Radio Bootcamp was a resounding success.


Are you born to speak on radio? To join our 12-part radio training course, email us on with “Radio” as the subject of your email.



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