You are good enough

Mbuyi Shadrack Mbuyi Shadrack is a 26 – year old speaker, transformational facilitator, trainer and author.

He hails from QwaQwa, South Africa, and has worked with young people from all over South Africa in youth development initiatives and internationally as an academic. Mbuyi found inspiration in youth development and has spent years contributing to empowering young people from all over South Africa. In 2015 he joined enke: Make your mark, a leadership development organisation that generates and incubates youth-led social change, where he volunteered for five years as a facilitator, youth coach and trainer.

He also worked in facilitating and supporting the implementation of community action programmes for the same organisation. He has also worked as a mentor for first year students at the University of the Free State’s Housing & Residence division where he contributed immensely to their psychosocial development. He was honoured for best contribution to student development in this role.

Mbuyi’s interests in leadership development influenced his participation in Young African Leadership Initiative where he was certified in Civic leadership adding to his experience in authentic leadership gained through University of the Free State’s international exchange programme, Leadership for Change, to the USA. Using this experience, he played a pivotal role in the establishment of an online radio station, Q-Lit, which served as a platform for students interested in media to hone their skills; and also served as its very first programming manager.

Mbuyi has over the years used his story to inspire young people to believe in themselves and to use what they have to build their dreams. Some of the young people he’s worked with have graduated from university and pursuing their postgraduate programmes while others have joined the world of work. He believes that everyone’s dreams and ambitions are valid and within reach if they are given the right personal development skills.

“I believe that I have nothing materialistic to give. However, if I can help shift your mind-set and harness the power of your thinking in order to make you a better person, that will be better than anything I could ever give you”

Mbuyi has recently self-published his debut book, You Are Good Enough, which seeks to give hope to young people who are going through unfortunate circumstances to encourage them keep the fire burning and be hopeful for a better tomorrow. He will be launching his podcast focused on practical personal development skills and his business, focused on creating access to opportunities and empowering young entrepreneurs from rural and small towns, in 2021. He is currently a doctoral candidate at the University of the Free State.

Mbuyi Shadrack is a Leadership 2020’s I was Born to Speak programme’s certified Speaker.

In everything that I do, my hope is to show a young person from the most unfortunate of backgrounds, that the stories that we are born into are just the first step to knowing who we are.

The real picture is much bigger!

In this book, I take you through the journey of transformation. Having being born at the wrong time, this is a story of how my life turned out to be a perpetual storm which did not only affect me emotionally but also affected how I viewed the world – dark, cold and unforgiving. However, I was lucky enough to have people who believed in me even when my vision was blurry. It is a story of patience, resilience and self-belief. It is a reflection of the power of friendship and association.

It is for a young person sitting in a very dark place and are not sure how they are going to get out. It is for every young person whose dreams have been shattered and has no one to turn to. It is a story written with you in mind. This is just a reminder that you have the power within you to pull yourself out of the darkness and shut down all of the voices that have ever made you feel inferior, unworthy, insignificant, talentless and doomed to failure.

This is a reminder that regardless of your story, you are good enough!

Get the e-book on Smashwords: E-book and paperback also available on Amazon:

Hard copies will be available from 01 July 2021. Pre-order by sending a WhatsApp text to 067 108 5323 or email


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