Passion. What is passion? Why does it exist? What purpose does it serve?

I promise that I didn’t premeditate on the title of the book and the meaning behind the two words of ‘Pas­sion Genius’. Let me confess that this term didn’t make it through my mind, all through the power of infinite intelligence and the higher power of the six sense. It came to me as a gift, sometime between the years 2014 and 2016, if my memory serves me correctly. I can’t pin­point the exact time, or location, that the term present­ed itself as fit to best describe me then, and also into the future. If I must be honest, I must admit that the Passion Genius description, of which I was the proud engineer and founder, came from something higher and more significant than I was at the time. How do I know and measure this fact? I knew then that my ambitions were to be someone of stature and substance in my gifts and my passions, to pay an early deposit of my dues. I could see myself engulfed in my purpose and knew that I extracted my genius from what is close to my heart, namely my many passions. The invention of the term Passion Genius gave me floating butterflies in my stom­ach at the time, and the vision of my being introduced as “The Passion Genius” in the future, which was only but a vision then, became surreal. Immediately I could feel it, I could imagine it, and I could taste it. I was in­deed Thekiso Khanye, The Passion Genius.

In the free class that life enrolled me in, with my con­sent, I was proud to learn this major truth, which re­vealed to me that my passions encapsulate within them elements of strong bonds of genius, that work together in an ecosystem to feed the ultimate life purpose I was, and am, called to becoming. I am a Passion Genius.

It is hence imperative for me to elaborate thoroughly on the definition of Passion Genius, to point out the fact, or the secret to some readers, that anyone, born from his or her mother’s womb, has the DNA of a Passion Ge­nius deeply rooted within. But let it sit on the record that not every potential Passion Genius will become a Passion Genius, because a lot of hard work, intentional nurturing, and grooming of the passions and the genius will be needed along the way. This goes back to the fact that a Passion Genius is habit driven and understands that, in order for one to activate the Passion Genius setting, one must be driven and obsessed by one’s pas­sions and the service one owes to these passions. It is unfortunately by mistake that the Passion Genius aris­es and becomes who he or she was born and groomed to be. Passion Geniuses are awoken and fed the energy bars that strengthen them for the journey to become geniuses of their passions, not to serve themselves but, more appropriately, for the rest of the world and every­thing in it to witness, enjoy and be helped and refreshed in some kind of way. The Passion Genius serves as the answer to a specific problem that occurs in the world.

In my perspective, the tiny red ant that does some serious genius work, whether by itself or within an army, can also be considered a Passion Genius. Yes, you are not imaging things. An ant, as minute as it is, is a Passion Genius if it adheres to the protocol of serving its purpose. In their service as an army of ants, they achieve their purpose of conquering and devouring a delicious meal of grasshopper that weighs many times more than they do. And, I guess, they dress it with a lovely sauce that they will engineer somewhere, two feet under, where they live their best lives. A shark is a Passion Genius if it serves the purpose it was born to have. And I don’t mean those sharks that munch on innocent people in the movies that have trended over the years. So, I am saying that if the Piranha movie pro­ducers were convinced the concept worked for them, and angles for the movie were genius, then definitely, well done to them. So I stand by my statement that any­one, who is born from his or her mother’s womb, can indeed become a Passion Genius. Let me add this truth, my personal truth, to eliminate any technicalities. Yes, even the animals that hatch from their mothers’ eggs are born with the DNA of a Passion Genius; they simply need to awaken and embark on a journey of self-discov­ery. In essence, I think it is imperative to point out that becoming a Passion Genius is a gift the receiver needs to awaken, realise, interpret, groom, practice, apply and flourish in, throughout life. The status of Passion Genius is a perk that life awards to the genius at the end of the process.

The passion is, at first, a loner that lives by itself as an infant. It needs to be groomed and partnered with other essential partners, such as talent and the priceless gift of wisdom, which is gained from mentors and advisors who are external from yourself, as the developing ge­nius. And, on the other side of the road of developing passion, there lives your genius, also by itself. It also has to meet with essential partners, such as grooming and talent and practice, in order to grow as you feed it. Genius grows when we add the elements of time and patience, mixed with perseverance and discipline. The process of feeding and developing the passion on the one side, and the genius on the other side, is the recipe that will eventually have the passion meet the genius by the natural law of association. It is then that dedica­tion, time, discipline, wisdom, talent and perseverance that have served the growth of both passion and genius in the initial stages of development will introduce the Passion Genius to him- or herself. This, I am proud to dub, is the pinnacle meeting place. You, as the Passion Genius, will feel it as if it were tangible. Your purpose, in the form of your real passions, and the genius intellect that you will use to serve the world, will act together to give your Passion Genius sweet sauce. It is like no oth­er because it is unique to each and every Genius and, even though it may be used to service a mass market, it is never a carbon copy, but is precise in order to feed those who are in need of it.

The Passion Genius has traits and characteristics, in the form of values and attitudes, which serve him or her as a moral code. Below is a list of the essential characteristics of a Passion Genius.


Thekiso’s 36 Passion Genius Values and Behaviours:

  1. A Passion Genius gives > receives.
  2. A Passion Genius is mature = consistent.
  3. A Passion Genius believes in him- or herself and doesn’t need a support group.
  4. A Passion Genius goes the extra mile as normality.
  5. A Passion Genius is passionate about the development of other people.
  6. A Passion Genius expects nothing and appreciates everything.
  7. A Passion Genius chooses better, not bitter.
  8. A Passion Genius eliminates negative people and energy that don’t contribute to his, or her, vision of life.
  9. A Passion Genius is emotionally intelligent.
  10. A Passion Genius is a leader.
  11. A Passion Genius collaborates towards the goal of creating greatness.
  12. A Passion Genius calls a spade a spade.
  13. A Passion Genius is obsessed with service – quality service.
  14. A Passion Genius doesn’t harbour regret.
  15. A Passion Genius is a mentor.
  16. A Passion Genius never forgets.
  17. A Passion Genius brings people together.
  18. A Passion Genius respects time.
  19. A Passion Genius is respectful.
  20. A Passion Genius is never satisfied.
  21. A Passion Genius hates mediocre and superficial.
  22. A Passion Genius is all about growth.
  23. A Passion Genius has self-knowledge.
  24. A Passion Genius doesn’t need to please people.
  25. A Passion Genius is grateful.
  26. A Passion Genius can pick out talent or great potential.
  27. A Passion Genius doesn’t envy others.
  28. A Passion Genius holds him- or herself accountable.
  29. A Passion Genius loves life.
  30. A Passion Genius thinks globally.
  31. A Passion Genius thinks to infinity.
  32. A Passion Genius loves family.
  33. A Passion Genius is always learning.
  34. A Passion Genius says it and then does it.
  35. A Passion Genius sacrifices.
  36. A Passion Genius blocks external noise.


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