You are who you think you are

You are who you think you are

  My son loves a cartoon character called Super Sonic. Sonic runs very fast, he’s super fast. My son thinks he’s Sonic and that he’s super fast too. He’ll say : I’m running super fast mommy, I’m sonic, I’m the winner, I’m the champ.”
He is gifted in many things but running is not one of them.However in his mind he’s fast, he believes this, despite how slow he runs, and because he constantly tells me this who am I to disagree despite what I see? I have no choice but to say yes champ you’re super fast, you’re a winner.
The same is true in your own life.What are you saying to others and to yourself about yourself?!
There’s a line we often hear in movies when two people are in a heated argument:Who the hell do you think you are?. I love that line because it means the person asking is in disbelief that you have the audacity to think you are greater than what they think you are.
Not everyone will want to believe that you’re talented,that you’re gifted,that you’re successful,that you’re smart and intelligent, healthy,debt free and happy. Often times people around you will tell you that you think you’re better when you’re becoming better. It doesn’t matter,the fact that they say it means that they are seeing it. Eventually they’ll have no choice but to accept it.
You see life will constantly throw situations your way where you have the opportunity to respond either negatively or positively. Your response is based on what you have been speaking and thinking about yourself.
The world has no choice but to believe and echo what you believe about yourself. If you speak greatness and believe that you are great no one can say otherwise.They have no choice but to agree with you!The universe will agree.The same is true if you speak negatively about and to yourself. Everything around you responds in agreement.
Whenever my son can’t do something he gets frustrated and begins to say he can’t do it. I quickly reassure him that he can do anything and everything he puts his mind to and start reminding him of his own words that he’s constantly chanting. I tell him you’re a winner and a champ.He smiles as he remembers that ‘hey I always say that.’ Before you know it he’s back at the task and finally completes it successfully.
When you’re tempted to forget your greatness remember what the Bible says about you,you are made in God the Creators image. You cannot be anything less than great,don’t let the world or your own thoughts decieve you.
You are great,believe it,speak it and you will see it! Remember you are not who the world thinks,not who your friends or family think but who you think you are!  

– Melo Mthethwa

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