Clear the Clutter

Clear the clutter


I don’t know about you but when my living or work space is a mess I also become a mess. I am unable to be productive.Its like my brain shuts down completely. As a matter of fact, a messy house makes me want to sleep all day.  Yet once I clear the clutter and clean the mess I feel refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to give my best.Somehow there’s direction in every area of my life just from packing my wardrobe, cleaning the house, clearing my desk ,the laundry, or even washing the dishes.


Research shows that chaos, messiness, being uninspired and disorganised are signs of a mental health issue. It is said that one’s environment is a direct reflection of their mental state of being. I think it works both ways. Sometimes all it takes is a clean house or a clean desk to get your passion and create juices flowing, but other times a clean and clear mind helps you gather the strength to clean your surroundings.


The definition of the expression clear your mind is to forget your problems, stop worrying about things, and to think about positive things. There’s no doubt that clutter in the mind and in your surroundings negatively affects you. We know that clutter in your environment is dirty clothes lying everywhere, litter, books, toys, dirty dishes, a bed that’s not made, spilt stains on the furniture, everything scattered on the floor and just a dirty environment. But what is clutter in the mind?


This refers to unwanted thoughts, negativity, fear, doubt, procrastination, worry, stress, self bashing, regret and self hate to name a few. These kind of thoughts hinder you from progressing.


You’ve got to first remove the unwanted to make way for the wanted.

Before you move into a new house you clean it and remove the previous owners furniture to make way for your furniture. Today I urge you to clear the clutter, to start afresh.


New opportunities await you,a new you awaits. You’ve got to make way for what’s coming your way..remove the mess in your  mind so you can see clearly the way forward.

Be Great!

– Melo Mthethwa


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