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The Building Blocks Of A a Successful Business Are Kept Promises

The Building Blocks Of A a Successful Business Are Kept Promises.


In one of my previous blog posts I wrote about the importance of effeciency when running a business. Today, I want us to address the root causes of constantly making excuses and delaying customers.

  1. Incompetence

The only thing that builds confidence is being competent. And when you haven’t taken the the time to adequately develop your skills and to organize your business in such a way that you are ready to jump in and start doing the work whenever a potential customer wants to do business with you, then you are more likely to make excuses and not stick to your promises. You are just not ready to do business. It’s the “I’ll do it later mentality” where you promise to send the customer a quotation later today but you end up sending it three days later. You might think that it’s just a minor setback and nobody’s paying attention. But guess what, your customers are watching and they are thinking to themselves “If I can’t trust this business owner to send me a quotation on time then how can I possibly trust them with my hard earned money?”

  1. An Unhealthy Diet

Everything has it’s carrying capacity. Cars, airplanes, ships, storage containers and everything else you can imagine. The same goes for our bodies, we are designed to only carry a certain amount of weight. This of course, differs from person to person. Now, I don’t want to give you a lesson on healthy living because we all know-how the story goes. But for the sake of those who might’ve forgotten, If you lead an unhealthy lifestyle of eating junk food and not exercising then you will soon become overweight and you won’t perform at an optimal level. You just can’t. Even your days become shorter because when others can work effectively for eight to ten hours a day, you are already yearning and feeling lethargic after working for a mere five hours.

  1. Business Is About Energy

I remember a time when I was to working for a sales organization and everytime I’d carry a lunch box that had a lot of starchy foods like rise, potatoes or pap. I would get tired quickly and I wouldn’t even make at least one hundred calls per day. And what I also noticed is that i’d also be very impatient. When the person I was pitching to said they were not interested I’d quickly hang up the phone and I didn’t bother to convince them any further. Remember doing business is about energy. So if your vibrations are low then that’s exactly how people will respond to you.

Take a look at your favourite celebrities on Facebook or Instagram. Most of them are not fitness bunnies. They are just actors & musicians but they’ll often post videos or pictures of themselves working out at the gym. They know that most of their followers don’t care about that part of their lives. We only care about the juicy details such as the people they’re seeing and who they are beefing with. However, since social media has become a tool for brands to advertise their products and services. Celebrities are using it as a way get brand partnerships that go beyond fitness and health. Now, in case you didn’t know this leading a healthy lifestyle let’s people know that not only do you want to have a sexy body but you are someone who respects time and has great discipline. Now tell me who wouldn’t like to do business with such a person?


– Nomsa Chauke

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