Move on / Let Go

Move on / Let Go


“You’ve got to let go of what you think is best for you so you can finally get what is actually best for you.. You may have failed, that’s an event, you are not a failure. Learn to disassociate yourself from your events.”  – Apostle Solly Mahlangu.


“Being rejected from something good just means you are being pointed and redirected to something better.”


Many people have been stuck in one place in their lives and are moving in circles because they have not managed to let go of their past.


No matter how hard it is, don’t stop moving forward, even your feet were created to move forward. Why work against the natural flow of creation? Stop looking back , there’s nothing left there. Whatever he/she did to you is done, whatever happened in your past has passed, it’s over.


It’s time to get up, dust yourself off and step into your future. There’s so much to plan and do but your mind can’t focus on the present and release ideas because it’s constantly clouded by issues in the past. It’s time to ask God to intervene. On your own you can’t erase the bad things that have happened to you, but with the help of the Almighty you can definitely undo the damage caused by your past.. With His help you can forgive and eventually let go.


You have to make room for the great future that awaits you, but you can only do this if you clear out the rubble.


Every electronic device we use that has a memory to store files eventually reaches its limit. No matter how much storage the drive or memory card promises, it eventually becomes full, When this happens we either have to delete and send some items to the trash or we have to transfer them to another device for safe keeping. This is to ensure that we make room for new files, be it images, audio, documents or videos. When an electronic device is overloaded it begins to malfunction, it operates at a slower pace and in worst case scenarios it even crashes.


This is exactly what happens to humans. If you don’t take bad memories, painful and hurtful memories to the trash, i.e. remove them from your system, deal with them, forgive, let go, you will eventually start to malfunction and eventually crash. You will not be able perform at your utmost potential, you will become so filled with bitterness and anger that there will be no room for love, joy, peace, health, sound mind, hope and success.


Right now in this very moment, your vision is blurred, all you see is what could’ve been, what you should’ve had if only this had happened, or only this had not happened.


Forget the ‘IF ONLY’, it’s time for the ‘IT IS.’


‘It is time to move on, it is time to count your blessings.’

‘It is time to let go, it is time to plan your future.’

‘It is time to refocus your energy and make something of your life.’

‘It is never too late for you to start over.’


– Melo Mthethwa


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