EIGHT HOURS OF SLEEP IS FOR LOSERS: A lie sold to those who scrumble for bread crumbs from the King’s table


Are you making any real progress or have you gotten better at convincing yourself that you are? Not all “hard work” leads to real progress especially when it is not directed at the right things. Some people are extremely dedicated and they work more hours than the rest of us but how much of that effort has led to actual progress? The illusion of hard work casts a shadow over your eyes where you feel as though you’ve accomplished something when you haven’t.

It’s so easy to tell people to “hustle” or “work hard” but that is just one piece of the puzzle. Even the most successful people will tell you that having a great idea means nothing when you don’t have the right resources and the right team executing that idea at the right time.

Careful consideration needs to go into every effort or action-plan that is aimed at achieving something. Otherwise, your efforts will go down the drain. Ever wondered why so many hard-working people are stressed and dissatisfied with their lives? I mean those people should be the happiest amongst us because they have identified their life’s purpose and they’re putting in the hours to make sure that it comes true. Their unhappiness and dissatisfaction stem from not having the other piece of the puzzle which is strategy. While others are capable of thinking themselves into no action at all, others suffer from putting in too little effort into this crucial exercise. It is said that one minute in planning reduces ten minutes in execution.

Most motivational gurus will tell you that “you cant sleep eight hours a day because that’s a third of your life.” But I disagree with this sentiment because the truth is you don’t need more time you just need a better way of utilising the time that you have. In fact, you’re better off thinking about a better strategy for how you want to execute your goals than rushing into a dead end that will lead to a burnout where you are just emotionally, physically and mentally stressed. Hard work does not encompass everything it takes to become successful. It’s only a facade.

 💭Why then is the message of “hustle hard”, ” keep grinding” and “work hard” being encouraged so much?

💭 And who stands to benefit from perpetuating these half-truths? 

I don’t have the answers but I hope that this piece will leave enough room for you to start interrogating some of the information and beliefs that you keep cultivating in your mind.


– Nomsa Chauke

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