Time is way more valuable than money and delivering on time may not be that big of a deal until you start losing money from month to month and hardly break even. Every business thrives on meeting the demands of its customers. The first thing that you need to understand about customers is that they are selfish. They want what they’ve paid for and they want it as promptly as possible.


One good example of a company that understands business efficiency is Debonairs pizza. They’ll tell you the time it’ll take for your order to be delivered to your doorstep before you can even ask the question. By volunteering this information they are able to demonstrate an understanding of just how the consumer’s mind functions and this transparency subtly let’s their customers know that they can be trusted as a brand. This level of efficiency ensures that every minute of their business day is spent as productively as possible and thus increasing their customer retention rate.


As a small business owner It’s so easy to blame others or our environment because doing this, somehow absolves us from the responsibility of solving the problem. Nobody wants to carry the guilt of a dissatisfied customers, because it is a crappy feeling that we weighs you down. To avoid this feeling always examine the things that take up most of your time and most importantly, ask yourself what the byproduct is of doing those things? Customers will never forgive you for any inconveniences that incur on them. Instead they’ll take their business elsewhere and in addition to that they’ll not give a positive review about your business online.


Your focus should be on income generating activities in order to increase cash flow. Remember time is a very limited resource and once it’s consumed it can never be recouped.

In order to accomplish this you have to carefully identify and eliminate waste. In this context “waste” is any activity that adds cost without adding any value. If you are running a fast food outlet waste can emerge as a consequence of inadequate production planning. A cluttered workstation can make it difficult to find the right utensils or ingredients. The malfunction of other kitchen appliances such as stoves may also take up the time needed to finish orders on time.

Rearranging your work station so that everything is easy to find and purchasing new appliances to speed up the cooking process will ensure that “waste” is eliminated in order to increase productivity and sales.


Your brand is more about how people perceive than how you are able to articulate it. This public perception is quite crucial to it’s survival.

Delivering your product or service on time will not only enhance it indicates;

ℹ️Responsibility – That not only are you able to track your own behaviour but you are able to appreciate the impact that it has on other people.

ℹ️Respect – When you inconvenience the customer what you’re sub-communicating is that their stuff isn’t important. And nobody wants to spend their money with a business that disrespects their schedule.

ℹ️Humility – We all possess some level of being destructive pride. Where we think our ideas and way of doing things is much more important than that of others. And because of this we somehow suppose that we can just bulldoze our way into our customer’spockets as and when we please.

Delivering on time enhances your level of integrity and mental health. The law of control states that “we feel good about ourselves to the degree in which wecan controll ourselves.”

You are where you are because you decided to be there based on past decisions. If you wan toalte the situation, then you have to manufacture a different one.

– Nomsa Chauke

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