Smile with your face

Smile with your face, heart, mind & soul

  “Don’t only put a smile on your face, but also in your heart, mind, and soul.” This is a beautiful, straightforward quote but yet so confusing. Confusing in a sense that we sometimes tend to forget the meaning of what a smile is and particularly, the reason behind someone else’s smile. We first need to know and understand the definition of what a smile is because it is often misunderstood. Now, a smile is an expression of happiness and a symbol of acceptance, a simple definition but complicated and very complex too. Have you ever heard of what is called a ‘fake smile’, or rather even seen it? But that is not where we are right now, let us move on we will get there. Initially, a smile is supposed to be a sign of joy and happiness but it is not always the case, it is also a symbol of many things and not what it is presumed to be. Like love, it is not supposed to hurt but it does anyway. In as much as people smile to express their joy, some people also smile when they are sad, embarrassed, hurt, in fear, and many more reasons you could be thinking of right now, these people basically hide how they are feeling behind their smiles, even though the smile is literally in front, confusing, I know. Wearing a fake smile should never be an option, we need to learn to smile for good reason and good reason only, and not use a smile like a disguise of whatever it is that you are feeling or thinking, it could be negative emotions or just wanting to avoid something or someone, but the problem is that it will somehow catch up with you and there will never be peace within. A smile is a very powerful element, we should therefore not only put a smile on our faces but also feed our heart, mind, and soul for us to find peace with whatever situation or reason behind that smile. Let us try building that balance within ourselves and smile with good reason and our all. In as much as smiling is an expression of happiness, it is also a form of acceptance, accepting whatever situation you have gone through and the outcome that you are faced with. Now, you have to accept a situation fully and that is with your all, which is your heart, mind, and soul. If you only smile and accept with only half of you, then that simply means that you will never find joy and happiness in your life. Do you know how great it is to think about a difficult situation that you were once involved in or went through and just smile about it? There could only be one reason behind that, yes you are right, that reason is that you have fully accepted that situation with your all, you have put a smile not only on your face but also in your heart, mind, and soul.

– Siyasanga Chronic!

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