THE POWER OF OUR BELIEFS: What you believe is exactly what you’ll meet in experience

Fabrizio Benedetti a professor of physiology and neuroscience at the University of Turin Medical School in Italy together with his colleagues conducted a study about the placebo effect on a group of patients undergoing therusic surgery. And what we should know about it is that it’s a very invasive surgery where patients are placed under anesthesia were major insertions are made on their sides and back in order to get access to their heart and lungs.

About an hour after the procedure and the anesthesia starts to fade away the pain begins to set in. Fortunately patients are given a very high dosage of Morphine sulfate and other painkillers. And this is routine treatment after such a heavy and complicated surgery.

However, the doctors who were performing this procedure made a few subtle tweaks.

“Patient A” was given their dose of morphing sulfate by a doctor at their bedside. “Patient B” was also given the exact same dosage of Morlhine sulfate BUT it was administered into their system using a pre-programed pump.

Now you’d think that both patients would experience the same amount of relief but this was not the case. Patient A who received his dose of the pain killing drug directly from his doctor showed a significant reduction in his pain levels. While Patient B who got his dosage through a pump and wasn’t aware of it didn’t seem to experience the same benefit.

Similar experiments were carried out for other illness such as Parkinson’s disease, anxiety and hypertension. And what they found was remarkable and consistent. Which is; when the patient was aware of the treatment and expecting the benefits, the treatment was highly effective. But when they weren’t the treatment wasn’t as effective.

What the abovementioned experiment has shown is that our minds have the ability to elicit healing properties in the body, provided that our mindset is in the right place and we believe. Does this mean that medicine doesn’t work? Of course not, but what it means is we have the power to determine how quickly our body heals by BELIEVING & EXPECTING the benefits of medicine.


The first step towards attracting that which we want is believing. Without believing in the possibility of anything ever manifesting in our lives, we run the risk of labouring in vain and subjecting ourselves to a lifetime of being despondent & hopeless.

Think of beliefs as the imaginary barrier or fence that you gave created over time either from religious, cultural or academic teachings. They surround your reality and somehow limit what you think is possible in your life. Therefore be very careful of what you believe to be true or false. Because what you see in your physical day to day life is merely an extension of your beliefs and thoughts. You cannot outlive nor outperform them. Unless you make the decision to remove or break them down.

Take wealth for instance.   It is a common belief in black disadvantaged communities that the wealthier a person is, the more arrogant, self – absorbed and occiltic they are. Very Wealthy people are often associated with using dark magic to attain it. In my home language we say “bathwele”. So from a very young age you are taught to be successful but only on a very medium or modiacre level so that you don’t start attracting unnecessary attention to yourself. As you grow older it doesn’t matter how many opportunities that life presents you with to become wealthier, you will subconsciously reject them and stick to commitments that are within your barrier or fence of beliefs.

Belief creates reality. When you truly understand the power of your mindset you’ll be able to understand that there is no limit to what you’re capable of and what you are worthy of having. I want you to understand that beliefs are not static, they are fluid and can be changed anytime depending on where you want to take your life.

– Nomsa Chauke

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