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Avoid Making Negative Comments About Your Competitors:

The biggest self-sabotage mistake that you can make while trying to close a sale is speaking ill of a competitor. Research has found something called spontaneous trait transference. What this research has found is that whenever you say bad things about someone else people can’t help but put those same traits onto you. Even if that potential customer has heard only good things about you and your business. The brain can’t help but associate your gossip with you even if logically we know that you are speaking about another person. If you say that your competitor is low quality and unreliable your potential customers can’t help but associate those traits with you.

The same can also be said about the people we engage in conversation with on a social setting, people such as our friends and relatives. It might feel great to be filled in on the latest gossip about so and so but have you noticed that when someone makes it a habit to spill the beans about other people’s affairs we automatically start losing trust in them because we can’t help but wonder about what is being said about us in our absence.

Trust is a very delicate thing and it should be handled with extra care especially when trying to close new customers or retaining existing ones. When a prospective customer approaches you they are not just looking to do a simple transaction. On a deeper psychological level they are trusting you with something very sensitive and important, therefore treat it with the respect that it deserves.

Instead of gossiping about a competitor here’s what you’d rather do to build trust and draw customers closer to you.

Use Great Titles Or Labels On Your Customers

When you assign someone a positive label like having “high intelligence levels” or being a good person that actually motivates them to live up to that standard. While being called by our name forces us to immediately stop what we’re doing and pay attention, being referred to as a “loyal” or “Valued customer” makes us feel even more special and indirectly cues us to behave like a loyal and valuable customer.

Whenever you’re addressing a potential or current customer make sure that you give them positive labels and I don’t mean being fake or manipulative just stick with positive truths like “you are one of our best customers” or “you are such a pleasure to do business with”. In that way, they will try by all means to be one of your best customers and they’ll try even harder to be a pleasure to work with, without you having to ask them to.

As human beings we are only bothered about things that are beneficial to us. We subconsciously crave  special treatment or anything that makes us feel like we are peculiar and set apart from the rest of the crowd. So if you can inspire greatness in your potential or existing customers, what’s to stop them from choosing your business in a sea of other like brands?

Remove the fuss and complications out of doing business and adopt simplar and more efficient strategies.

– Nomsa Chauke

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