Consistency is vital for growth

Consistency is vital for growth. It does not matter how gifted and talented you are, but if you lack consistent action towards your goals, you will always fall below average. I have always wondered why I struggled to grow as a speaker. I naturally speak well, I have the gift, yet what is it that is standing in my way, of becoming the best. Well, one of my close friends pointed out, that, it is because I do it once in a while. I have always been the girl to release a video when I feel like it. Which is what has limited my growth as a speaker and a writer. It was until when I set a challenge for myself, to record a video every day for 30 days, to practice being a speaker. I might not post it, but I was in training, consistency training. It was only then, I began picking up improvements. Most of us believe that our gifts and talents are actually all that is needed to propel us to greatness, however if you do not put in the work, consistently, you will never become greater than the average Joe. Consistent action means you keep putting in the work, repeatedly, continuously. Turning your gifts and talents into the skill you need. Perfecting your craft, marking your area of expertise. Being consistent is not easy. It is actually one of the most difficult things a person can do. Being consistent is a challenge, it is a sacrifice. It will require commitment, and it is that commitment that will put you above the rest. It is in committing to better yourself, your gifts, your talents, your business, your academics, your finances etc, that will produce results. We are all beginners at some point, but Consistent action is the bridge that moves you from beginner to an expert. Most people remain beginners, because they believe their gifts and talents are enough, without realizing the essential importance of continuous action. Continuous action, is the building material for your your growth to mastery. Being Consistent in putting in the work, building your craft, is what separates the average from the best. If you want to be the best “inja ye game” then you have to match your skills, your gifts, your talents with consistent hard work. It does not pay off to put in the work on some days, the reward comes from you making the effort every day. The true definition of winners, are those who show up every day, making a conscious decision to be consistent in their contributions. Without consistency, you will not grow and birth your true potential. You actually stand a chance of losing out on who you were destined to be. It takes consistency to build. It takes consistency to grow. It takes consistency to be a winner. Show up consistency and see if you do not win.

– Khethokuhle Phethile Mkabe

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