Most of us look at all the glamorous lives that successful people portray on social media, we want all the things that they have and wish we had their lives.
Most of us, if we would exchange lives with them, we would not survive a day in their shoes. Look, I am not saying we do not possess the skills they have, or their intelligence, no, successful people know that to be successful you have to sacrifice. Success comes at a price, no, I am not referring to a bribe, but rather a high price that you will have to pay, when trying to climb the ladder to success.

Success comes with failure. This is a price most of us are not willing to even pay. No one wants to fail, no one wants to lose, no one wants to take risks, but there is no other road to success than failure. There is no other road to obtain experience rather than actually giving it a try, and in most cases, you will fail, but you would have learnt another way it will not work, so you move on to the next.

Success requires you to be uncomfortable. No one wants to voluntarily move outside of their comfort zone, its quite scary actually to do anything you are not accustomed to. Its like flying without a secured landing, you have no idea where you will end up. But that is the only way to grow, that is the only way you will be able to break barriers. We tend to limit ourselves when we stay stuck in our comfort zones, I kid you not, growth lies only outside of your comfort zone. Try it, you will not regret it. Do the 1 thing that frightens you and see if you don’t survive.

Success will require you to let go. You will have to give up certain habits, people, places, ideas, etc once you have set your mind to succeed.
It takes a focused mind to fully go in for what it wants. A double minded person is unstable and Success requires stability. This is why letting go of anything that does not serve you will be required.

Success is hard work.
We are all capable of being a success but not all of us are willing to pay the price. I hate to tell you, but maybe you are the person standing in your own way.
If you want to be successful, first be willing to pay the price.

– Khethokuhle Phethile Mkabe

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