Shift in Mindset

Shift in Mindset.


It’s hard to live in this generation of one sided love where the other has passion while the other is misleaded by lust. The new generation should understand that relationships need consistency and mutual communication a person who does not know where you come from or where you going is not the person for you it is said that “a man who does not tell a women his dreams it’s either she is not important or she is not part of the man’s dream”. Point here is love needs daily nurturing you find more relevance in the comparison of a flower for it’s beauty to appear you need to water it daily understanding is key in matters of the heart. The generation we live in I love to call  ‘generation x’ it’s more of a revolution where people are so materialistic to the fact that they believe that love should be materialistic true fact here is our grandfather’s and grandmother’s stayed together so many years because the husband was able to provide so you can never
separate love and money.

The shift in the mindset is that young lady’s should start building their own legacies instead of putting their lives at the hands of a man we need to understand one thing that human beings change not because they are cruel but that’s how they were created. Survival on this earth is having financial independence despite the gender as the way things were in the past have to change yes a husband will always be a provider but so can the wife who said it’s impossible. The rising of a Nation is not when we regard one another as enemies but when we function in a cohesive manner for people to change needs you as a person to be the change you want to see if the new generation starts knowing how to survive at a nearly age it could impact how the next ten years of their lives will be. Poverty can never dictate how your life will be but the habits you have can determine your destiny so be aware of your habits.

Love is so complicated especially now that it’s the daily talk in everyone’s mind for example when people are
single they feel sense of low self-esteem they feel no sense in being alive truth is having someone who thinks
about you is a very precious thing to have but not everyone is here for a full story some are included only in the chapters. Let’s go a layer deep being in a relationship makes you feel wanted as we all know the first 2 weeks are not the same as the next 5 months certain things change mostly the communication which makes the other partner unhappy but because no one wants to be alone so badly they end up wasting 5 years in an unhappy relationship what I always say is don’t stay where you are not happy and never be scared to lose people in your life you have lost people who meant the world to you but had to leave you so never settle for less be a priority. Things could really change if parents could start having these talks with their young boys or young girls because so many parents are afraid to talk about the issues of sex but the truth is in due time the child has to go through certain stages and without advice could severely damage his or her life on just one decision.

The world has changed so badly that men are starting to kill and rape women which is wrong women were a
blessing in a man’s life that is why I believe that for both genders to live in harmony the head of the house should not become a headache but should unite his family and for the wife not to be a knife but rather plays a role of guidance counselor as men need women that’s how things have been. Back to the matters of why it’s so important for both partners to have dreams not only to know their patners direction in life but to build each other’s dreams that’s how a legacy is started. Women have proven to this world how their role impacts the growth of a country I think god created men and women for a reason. There is a lot of differences between the two where in terms of communication men enjoy to emphasize status as they believe that the more money they have the more reasons to live whereas women communicate to create a social bond that is why there’s few guys who tell their friends their secrets but many ladies do that but boys friendship lasts more than a girl’s one.

The most common reason which women leave men who are broke is not because they don’t love them but purely as women love a good life there’s a very small percentage that can be in your life through the struggle unless she also has her own dream and also hustles. The problem starts with the friends your partner has as women love comparison of who’s husband does the most or the vacations they take but what they don’t understand is the hustle is different and the time slot to a financial free life is never the same takes time for other’s. That’s where the shift plays a role there wouldn’t be such thoughts if generation x could be independent and also hustles to change their life’s instead of waiting for the other people to change it for them. Taking a stand in your life brings meaning to your life something to fight for a stable  environment where you know that everything you have was all your hard work instead of driving your husband’s
Aston Martin not even in knowing how much the installment is or neither the how much penthouse costs like having financial Independence is veryimportant.


– Ofentse Mahlangu
The voice of africa


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