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When you think of a salesperson I’m pretty sure that the first thing that comes to mind is a call centre or field agent that works for a big corporation and they are just desperately trying to get you to buy whatever product or service that they are offering. Now if you identify or fall under any of the following titles; entrepreneur, “hustler”, founder & CEO/Director then you are also a salesperson. Because If you don’t figure out a way to make money either through the help of a strategic team or single-handedly then your business won’t survive.

Now there are three very important skills that you need to acquire in order to double and even triple your revenue. So let us dive in.

  1. Hunting: Which means that you become very good at going out there meeting new faces, exchanging business cards and basically networking so that you can eventually close the sale. And this also means being able to read people and to persuade them to pay attention to what you are offering. Essentially people enjoy being around you because you are easy to befriend, you’re humble and always place the spotlight on them which makes them feel important as a potential customer.
  1. Closing: This means being confident, very good at asking questions. You are able to sit down with a potential customer to ask the difficult questions, to assess their needs in order to find a suitable way to help solve their problem. Basically, you don’t let them go until they’ve said ” Yes! Let’s get the ball rolling and here’s my deposit or full payment for your product or service.” This means mastering the art of handling objections because you know what the FAQs (Frequency asked questions) are.
  1. FOLLOWING UP: This is a skill that is mostly required in order to keep customers happy and it’s also effective in getting repeat buyers. Now, this is where great reviews & testimonials come from for your business. Keeping your customers happy is not a story that begins and ends with the product or service. Michael LeBoeuf asserts that “A satisfied customer is the best business strategy”. And the only way you can know this is by doing a follow-up. It can be anything from a phone call or email that says “Hi Sihle, how’s everything? I’m just doing a follow up to find out if you’re happy and is there anything you’d like for me to do?”

Don’t overdo it to the point where it seems like you have a hidden agent right, just do it in a way that shows that you care about the customer and building a long term relationship with them.

Most SMEs are not really putting much effort into FOLLOW UPS because of various reasons, one being lack of knowledge and not caring about the customer or being reluctant to deal with potential queries or complaints. This negligence is one of the reasons why people tend to complain about small businesses not delivering on their promises and sometimes vanishing. If you want to learn more about the importance of  following up you can and how it can benefit your business you read the  article below:

Please note CLOSING new customers is important for your business but if you’re not willing to develop the first and the third skill then your closing skills are as good as useless because without the ability to HUNT then there will be no sale to close.

Unless you have the luxury to hire a team of salespeople that will specialise in each of these three skills then you have no choice but to be & acquire all three. And the great news is that you can learn these skills to transform your business from stagnation to a point of thriving during these difficult economic times.

– Nomsa Chauke

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