Growing up as a toddler you never had a problem with failure. Before you could learn how to stand or walk you made many unsuccessful attempts but that didn’t stop you from trying again and again. You didn’t care about falling down in front of those who could already stand and walk. You didn’t care about getting your clothes dirty every time you fell. Even the pain of hitting the ground didn’t stop you from making another attempt as soon as the pain was gone. You had your eyes fixed on one thing which was standing upright and taking a few steps.

Why Do We Battle With Failure❓

Today we make one attempt at getting the things we want and as soon as we fail we never want to try again. Suddenly the pain of hitting the ground, of being unsuccessful in front of others and of getting our outfits dirty is more important than realising our goals. But I don’t blame you, our schooling system is designed in such a way that it rewards and exalts those who have succeeded in moving to the next grade within the first attempt.

Sure, they’ll let you repeat the grade if you weren’t successful but that environment will constantly remind you that you’re less than your peers based on your failure. But you’re older now and in a position to unlearn and relearn the laws that govern success. It’s time to face reality with a new strategy instead of getting hyped up and motivated with content that is not action-based.

What Is Success ❓

Success is failing until you can’t fail anymore. You can ask any successful person and they’ll tell you that they’ve failed more than they’ve succeeded. Building a mechanism or space to fail gives you enough power to bounce back and it makes your goals more powerful. Right now I want you to think about what your goal is and you should only be 50% sure that you can achieve it because if you are 100% sure then your goal is not big or hard enough. It’ll not stretch you and take you out of your comfort zone.

Big goals that seem almost impossible to achieve are important because when we have that little bit of adrenaline, that little bit of fear that makes us feel like “OMG, I am not going to make it” that actually gives us the fuel to push ourselves a little bit harder and that is what people who’ve reached the pinnacle of success actually did. So don’t avoid or fear failure instead, build towards your goals keeping in mind that most of your attempts are going to be unsuccessful and that is okay.


As the new week begins I want you to do three things:

1️⃣ Make a list of all the things you want to achieve.

2️⃣ Adopt a childlike attitude that embraces failure

3️⃣ I want you to shut your eyes and ears to the external world that always demands perfection and start practising or making attempts until you can’t get it wrong or fail.

– Nomsa Chauke

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