Ethemba alibulali

Ethemba alibulali.


Every human being has great ideas yet most people lack the qualities such as perseverance and consistency. We seem to forget that all the great enterprises that were built all started as an idea that needed daily nurturing. There’s one important thing about having an idea you have to first believe in it before other people do.

Think about it if we could believe in our own ideas we would most definitely remove ourselves from the life of hard knocks.

” To succeed, you need to take that gut feeling in what you believe in and act on it with all your heart.”

The only way you can change your world is by believing in your own ideas as they outlive humans. We create our own obstacles the most concerning problem is knowing how to deal with our habits and behavior on the journey.

Feedback is very important but won’t always be in your favour as it’s a two-way street so how do you deal with it when its negative? Most people take the easy way out which is to give up.




Power of your habit can control your destiny, are you a person who is aware of your bad habits that are limiting your destiny and growth? Are you willing to make changes?

There’s a phrase that most hustlers use which is “act as if” or ‘fake it till you make it’

It actually means behave as if you are living that life already as they believe in the law of attraction that whatever you want, you can mostly attract for example I want to be a billionaire so I have to find out how people in that level behave.

The more you learn its the more you come close to your goal, always be in the present and continue to work on your future that’s where you get to have a clearer vision of where you really want to go. Plenty of people believe in sight and not in the vision here’s a change in the mindset

Vision = Seeing How Things Could Be without seeing it literally


Understand one thing we all have big dreams but the problem is we get caught up going to work and not working on the big ideas but rather working for someone else.

God brought us to this world with precious gifts within ourselves just imagine most people spend most of their time in their job than rather than working on themselves.

It’s not easy to go after what you want but you are capable although you should be willing to lose and sacrifice on the short term stuff and focus on the long term freedom.

Myles Munroe a very powerful men said that “Don’t seek success but seek to be a person of value” find a way to make people want to pay for your gifts.

Nelson Mandela said “there is no passion to be found playing small in settling for a life that you capable of living”

Key word you are ‘capable’ understand the power we each posses as we were brought on this earth to give people our gifts, that’s how you bring value to this earth.

The gift is more important than the skill, your gift is something you can do effortlessly.

The moment you wake up in the morning and when you alarm clock alerts you to wake up and you are not happy about it that’s how you know that there’s no joy in what you doing.

The most tragedy a person can ever face is to die without living your purpose it’s takes daily nurturing that is why I take motivation like bathing because it’s recommended daily.


– Ofentse Kamohelo

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