The Youth as tomorrow’s future today: Turning trends into Brands

The Youth as tomorrow’s future today: Turning trends into Brands


Young are the source of courage and have over time been the source of transformation: their openness to new ideas and willingness to adapt to change makes the youth catalysts of transformation. The existence of youth challenge the status quo, changing sentiments that are formed over realities that prevail over time. For years the youth has been believed to be the future and that is no longer the case. With a registered population of 55, 7 million by 2016, in 2019 Stas SA reported that youth aged between 15-24 years reflected a 55, 2% unemployment rate and that unemployment of youth between 15-34 years accounts for 63,4% of the total number of unemployed persons. According to the mid-year estimates of 2019, the youth (aged 18–34) constitute almost a third of the population (17,84 million) in South Africa, with 9,04 million males and 8,80 million females. Of these youths only an approximate of 13% of aged 20–34 are graduates. These statistics are indicative of how South Africa’s economic turn around is youth centered, if the lives of the youth change so does the fate of the entire country. This body of work discusses inspiration and innovation that can be used by the youth to align to the Vision 2020 to cause an economic turnaround.

Youth creativity is an innate ability to change the status quo: the youth of this country must learn how to turn trends into brands. This is not an uncommon business method to South African businesses. It has been described internationally as market disruption, where big brands are challenged by the trends built by emerging brands. Each young person must therefore devote to turning their talent into lucrative trade and the social media is the first platform for this. There should be a creation of a culture that turns trends into breads. Dj Sbu Leope is a great example to this, he builds brands from the streets, using “hustler” trends into launching them in the international market. Recently he has launched a black business advertising platform by doing retweet’s every Saturday of black owned businesses. Such innovation is imperative in conversion of South Africa’s social media potential to create day to day trends, into launching global brands.

With a strategy of turning trends into brands, it will be imperative to have a shift from the traditional attitude of getting education to be employed, the South African graduates must consider being job creators. This is in alignment to the government’s objective to create two million jobs. With graduates stepping up to use their skills as job creators, South Africa will stretch its pool of SME’s which is the source of most of the world’s jobs.

The above insure that the youth pool becomes innovator of a new era of the employment industry insuring an economic turn around. Sure “our  greatest fear is not that we are inadequate,

but that we are powerful beyond measure”. Youth innovation is the definite source of all historic turnaround, the youth must now arise for a new economic dawn.

– Siphesihle “AfrikaWisdom” Shabalala


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