Change your inner conversations & change your world

Change your inner conversations & change your world

Think about this for the moment, your mind never stops. At this very moment you are talking to yourself, about yourself, other people, your dreams and your misfortunes. The person that is next to you right now, have no idea of the conversations that you are having within your head and you have no idea of the their conversations either. Do you know that your inner conversations shape your outer world?

Let us take a step forward and imagine what will happen when you pass on, people in your life will begin to talk less and less about you and eventually stop, everything else will follow suit because everything in your world is moved by you. Everything and everyone in your world is dancing to your rhythm, change your moves and see everything change. This is done through your mind, so I say your inner conversations shape your outer world. Unfortunately, these conversations in your mind cannot be stopped; even when you sleep they carry on shaping and molding your world for each and every breath that you take. So, when you die your inner conversations stop and your world stops well.

With this understanding, you can begin to monitor and shape your inner conversations into what you would like to see in your world. Ask yourself these questions; how would you like people to treat you? What would you like to see in your workplace or community? What are your goals and dreams? Once you have found answers to these questions then begin to monitor and control your inner conversations. Catch yourself talking to yourself and ask yourself if those conversations will give you your desired outer world. If you desire growth and harmonious culture in your workplace, your inner conversations might be; thanking your manager for compliments or promotions, you could be the one congratulating others as you converse with yourself. If you desire your children to be obedient, why don’t you start now hearing teachers and neighbors complimenting them on how they are exemplary to other kids? You don’t believe me? Then prove me wrong! Try it from today and let me know after thirty days how your outer world has changed.

This may seem like an unsettling exercise, but like forming of any new habit you will meet with resistance at the beginning, then it will get easier as time goes by until it becomes part of you. Take this as healthy diet, if you were to start eating greens today, your body might only start conforming with your healthy diets after two to three months. Similarly, doing this mental exercise will not show results on your world overnight. I dare you to prove me wrong!

Another way of viewing this is that by taking control of our mental conversations, we are taking control of our lives. From now on we do not react to the outside world because we understand that the cause is our inner conversations. We use the outer world as the feedback and reflection of our daily mental conversations, this is the great opportunity to see our inner conversations in action and decide whether to change or maintain them. When your inner conversations are filled with positivity, it is reflected by the people you meet, the opportunities you get into, the ease of reaching your goals, the places you visit and so on.  All I am asking you is to prove me wrong!

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–  Siphiwe Mthembu

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