“In Summary, the patients death was caused by a cardiac arrest  due to excessive bleeding caused by malpractice that resulted from a fourth degree tear caused during delivery by a drunken doctor. Buyi Daweti’s 12 year battle made history attracted case studies from the nations medical and legal students and the doctor became the first to be convicted for the death of the patient in South Africa. Buyi Daweti’s lawyer dropped her at the eleventh hour when he has suppose to cross examine the doctor after he had cross examined all other witnesses.“ Buyi then vowed that “Trinity will advocate for her till justice prevail.”

Those are the words that describes the cause of death when Pamela Daweti, at the age of 22, passed away after giving birth due to excessive bleeding caused by medical negligence of the fourth degree tear.

This triggered Buyi Daweti to write a book called Victory and Justice at Last due to her passion towards medical and legal awareness that is focussed on the upcoming practitioners to avoid more deaths and being failed by legal representatives.

Victory and Justice at Last entails the pro longed journey of a mother to Pamela Daweti, who fought a twelve year case to obtain justice. This zooms into the corruption that disadvantages the citizens of the public due to certain individuals who don’t abide by their oath. 

Buyi Daweti was born in Port Elizabeth and resided in Uitenhage before coming to Johannesburg in 2001. She obtained her diploma in teaching at the Cape College of Education at Fort Beaufort in 1990 and her Bachelor of Education from Port Elizabeth University, (now NMMU), in 1997. She proceeded and obtained a Masters in Engineering Business Management from the Warwick University in UK 2003. In 2007 she also obtained a Masters in Project Management from the University of Stellenbosch. She did her theology at Team Impact University and is passionate about obtaining her Phd in Medical and Biblical Ethics.

Through her Faith she is currently advocating for those who don’t have strength, resources, knowledge and knowing the right channels regarding health awareness who lost their loved ones through her Pamela Daweti Foundation believing.

The state report by Dr Titus, a board member of HPCSA, was submitted as evidence in court and played a critical role in ensuring that the state got a successful conviction. Dr Titus in his report also cited that Pamela’s death was by large as result of poor management, faulted procedure, prolonged labour and ultimately gross negligence which could have been avoided 100%.

After losing her daughter due to fourth degree tear as one of the causes, Buyi Daweti, had to suffer the injustice of a pro longed pursuit to justice through the legal battles. It took the prosecutors more than four (4) years to get the inquiry started due incompetence when statements and documents of the case kept got missing and case cancelled. Buyi Daweti’s legal representatives did a good job of cross examining all the witnesses but dropped her at the eleventh hour when he was supposed to examine the doctor and she was left with no legal representative. After eight (8) years the inquest magistrate found nobody liable for the death of Pamela Daweti. Buyi Daweti felt that the state and legal representatives had failed her and took a journey to the Public Protector’s office and the NPA

The NPA found that the doctor was liable for Pamela’s death and a new magistrate was designated to the case. After another four years of battle the doctor was convicted for five years for culpable homicide. had a case to answer and a new magistrate was designated to the case and after another four years the doctor was finally convicted of culpable homicide. The entire journey has made Buyi Daweti becoming a strong advocate for medical negligence and legal awareness. She has been on various medical platforms and media entities speaking about medical negligence. Her passion is to see a bettered health and professional environment that will collectively contribute to saving lives as our bill of rights in the constitution when it says “everyone has a right to human dignity, be respected and a right to life”, “equal protection”, “equal before the law” , “the right to healthcare and legal service” and “every child has a right to parenthood.” She continues to address nurses, doctors and public representatives across.

The case  broke new grounds on various fronts as it was the first time ever that a medical doctor was part of the presiding judiciary with the Judge and the first time a medical doctor was found guilty of the death of the patient. 

“It is disturbing to me and shocking that it took the state nine years to bring Dr Van Der Walt to justice. Is that Justice? Justice Denied?” Magistrate Greyvenstein, at sentencing.

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