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Wife, mother, entrepreneur, broadcaster Zai Khan is a multifaceted dynamic person who does not shy away from the hectic pace of life.

She is currently a news & sports anchor on Radio 2000 & SAfm respectively as well as an entrepreneur who runs the successful Koester Glamping Farm in the majestic Magaliesburg mountains.

Playing tennis, and running half marathons are two of Zai’s favorite hobbies and she also has a keen interest in travelling & cooking. She is one of the new breed of knowledgeable, female presenters in the industry.

Ask anyone who knows Zai Khan and they will tell you how multi-skilled she is. Her passion for broadcasting has been a lifelong thing, but along the way, she got involved in a variety of jobs from Clinique Consultant to Sale and Sponsorship Manager, equipping her with valuable skills and life lessons. Over the past few years, Zai has combined her love for sport and her passion for broadcasting, joining the growing number of women in the industry. In 2004 she had the opportunity to present on Supersport.

As an entrepreneur Zai has had the opportunity to speak to other female entrepreneurs on various platforms such as workshops, masterclasses and breakfast talks.

Zai is passionate about empowering women and is well versed on various aspects of business especially sales and taking people through her own entrepreneurial journey and challenges faced.

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