Why Your Marketing Plan Won’t Work

Why Your Marketing Plan Won’t Work


The subject of marketing plans has been a daily song so much that being told to develop one may be cliché. However, many still do not put time and effort into developing one or they do so but it doesn’t yield any desired results.  Amongst other factors, this is why:

There is no emotional connection in your communication

Executing a marketing plan is essentially communicating with clients or potential ones about your products or services. The purpose of that communication is to convince the audience to purchase from you. We all know that the decision to make that purchase is hugely dependant on emotions. How the buyer feels about that purchase.

When you present your products or services, it is not simply about informing clients about the features of that product. It is in conveying a message they can relate to emotionally. What’s your story? Why do you do what you do? Why should they care? Some answers to these questions may be just what is need to connect to your audience emotionally. You may be someone who repairs cell phones within 24hours, it’s what you do. In addition to that, communicate why you do it. This may be: to ensure your customers can reconnect to their loved ones speedily.  By so doing, you create the emotional connection between your client and your service.

No Data/Stats to back up claims

In presenting your product or your service, you are answering the question; “What can your product do for me?” As much as you may know what that answer is, buyers tend to appreciate evidence, testimonials, and even some stats. The knowledge you reveal to your audience has a way of positioning you as an expert in your field thus making you more trustworthy.

No call to action

 The execution of your marketing plan may have all the emotional touch points, the right information but without a call to action, you might lose some buyers. A call to action allows you to lead your audience into the final step – the purchase. This may be to give them a button to click, a number to call, a template to complete or whatever else that flawlessly leads to the desired close. Plan your call to action in such a way that it is relevant to the platform you use and is the easiest.


This is not an exhaustive list of factors that may render your marketing plan a fail, but a few common pitfalls to look out for. Ensure that these are fused into the planning and execution.


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