Knowing your why to your how

Knowing your why to your how

Life it’s a journey of a self-discovery, many of us living in this world have dreams, have goals and things we wish to achieve one day but , the only question we are trying to answer daily is how will we achieve this things or fulfil such assignment in our lives?.

Well before you can answer your “how” you need to first discover or know the “why”, this question is the question of purpose. Unless you discover your purpose you are bit far from knowing how to achieve it. We live in a time where our young people use their eyes to think not their brains, we have rob ourselves the time with ourselves time, to answer the questions that really matter in our lives.

The great news is we have equal opportunities which is time. The clock give each person a platform to discover, showcase, unfold and have time to reason with things. It is one is responsibility to use time wisely and productively.  When you ask the question “why” you give a change to reveal the motives of the actions taken and take ownership of the matter .its youth month let’s take time and just have breakfast with ourselves, the I and the YOU in your life, get to discover your purpose and then you will know how to achieve it. Your parents might know when and how you were born but they will never know WHY you were born. Its GOD who knows that, as a young person the day you meet with GOD it’s the day you will know your WHY in life and soon you will discover the HOW in life.

As I conclude don’t rob yourself of the time, opportunity that has been given to you, use the greatest weapon given to you which is the mind, reason with yourself and answer to the action you take as a young person, let’s celebrate this month by transforming ourselves, know this “the world doesn’t owe you anything but you owe the world something” and truth is you must deliver be blessed.


– Pastor Ray Mahlale


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