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Nothing Really Happened

Nothing really happened.


Aubrey loved kids, he used to play with us on the streets and everyone knew him as a bubbly soul that fixed electronics and loved kids.


I remember we would run after him, ride his back, shouting “bhut’ Aubrey” . He wouldn’t harm a soul, he was a peaceful man that only fixed electronics.


When my parents separated, my mother left with my younger sister and left me with my alcoholic father, I loved my father so much, despite his flaws and weaknesses, I think he’s a great person. He would leave for work at 5am and get back home around 12 midnight. I would wake myself up in the morning, look for my wrinkled school uniform, bath myself and leave for school, my dad would make sure I had R10 lunch money everyday, that was a lot of money those days.


After school, I’d play with my friends till it was late for them, and when everybody goes home to their parents and warm food, I would unlocked the door to an empty, cold house, with nobody but me. I was only 8years.


The People responsible for my safety’s and protection had decided to vacate their occupation and call it quits. There I was, left vulnerable and unprotected. Bhut’Aubrey would fix our radio that always needed fixing, and would later come and collect his money. On this particular day Aubrey  decided to come late hoping my father would’ve been back from work, it was 10pm and he still wasn’t home,  it was only me in the house, cold, hungry and alone, waiting for my Daddy to come back from work and organise dinner.


He knocked and I opened the door, as he came in, seeing it’s only me and daddy isn’t back yet, he decided to wait for him. Like I said, Aubrey loved kids, so when he asked me to sit on his lap while we wait for my dad, I gladly agreed, though it felt slightly uncomfortable and weird, I still did. He slowly unzipped his pants, slightly moved my panties and just rubbed his penis on me.


Nothing really happened, it felt weird and I was uncomfortable but nothing really happened. He probably changed his mind about waiting, cause after he was done, he stood up and said he’ll come back some other time, he never came back.


I think that day changed my life, I might not know how, but it did. But who do I tell, what do I say, because nothing really happened.



  1. Nthabiseng

    I wish i could say i understand or imagine how has that changed your life, but am lost for words. I actually feel a bit of rage and a lot of sympathy. One thing i know is something actually happened because had nothing happened you wouldn’t have been changed. You are brave, strong and most of all a survivor, i hope you’ll always remember that.

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