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Fix Your Crown and Keep It Moving.

Fix Your crown and keep it moving.


Today at church, somebody asked me what I would say if a guy from the government would offer me an administrative job with benefits, for just a night of romance and passion? I answered and said “ I would ask him to give me an hour to take a shower and wear my lingerie, because if I’m going to sell my soul to the devil, it must be in my own terms”. I then tried justifying my answer my answer by saying, “ We sometimes give ourselves to people we don’t love for one reason or the other. Most of the people we slept with never added any value in our lives, infact, there are those we wish we never had met, because, instead of adding value, they took it from us. And so, if sleeping with this man will add a job with benefits, if it will enable me to put food on the table and pursue my dreams, I’m asking, “where do you want it”.


I too was shocked at my response, because 5years ago, I would have given him a fat and unapologetically No, infact, I would have told him I was even going to report the perverted government official. However, when you have hit rock bottom proper, one is willing to throw away their moral values out the window (dressed in proper reasoning), for a bowl of soup.


I then realised I cannot be alone in this line of thinking, I wondered how many young girls are willing to sacrifice themselves just to put food on the table. It is easy to judge and say “ I’d never!” especially when the sun is shining bright in your little corner, however today, I’m collecting all my judgemental remarks, and all my “I’d never” and flushing them down the toilet. Because I’ve realised that life isn’t always black and white, it is indeed all shades of grey.


So if you found yourself in an immoral, down right shameful act because…. Life. And you’ve been beating yourself up for not knowing how to do this thing called life, Girl! It’s alright, fix your crown and keep it moving.

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