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An entrepreneurial mind-set

An entrepreneurial mind-set


Having a mind of an entrepreneur means getting rid of the mind that one day you are going to work for a very big company in town and having the mind of establishing your own big company. If you always work for people, not people working for you, then which legacy are you going to leave? Or are you also going to be one of those people who help people to build their own legacies?

Having an entrepreneurial mind-set does not mean you must not look for a job. It simply means don’t limit your aspirations to that job, but work hard and take that job as something that will empower you to do better every day. Take that job as a stepping stones because everything that you do has a way of teaching you a lesson for your next journey in life.

Think out of the box and be your own inspiration.

Someone who has that mind-set is not easy to fall or give up. He fights against all odds to see what he wants coming to existence.

An entrepreneurial mind-set enables you to spot ideas that are very far from you. It helps you tackle future problems because you think beyond the situation. An entrepreneurial mind-set does not necessarily have to start when you are 18 or older, but as soon as you open your mind for great things. You don’t have to wait to turn a certain age to start your own business but you just need to be open-minded and be able to see opportunities. If you look at overseas kids, they’ve got the entrepreneurial mind-set; they are not limited by the education system.

Just be able to spot chances. In South Africa we don’t really get the support we need as young, aspiring entrepreneurs, we don’t get proper learning on topics of entrepreneurship. We get to experience the chance of it once we finish Grade 12, whereby we start attending these entrepreneurship seminars. It’s then that we get on the hustle and learn a lot of things on our own, which is good. But our education system does not cater for future entrepreneurs.

So that is why you need to educate yourself about entrepreneurship. Do a lot of research and look for relevant information.

In order for us to have a sustainable future, we need to raise entrepreneurs so that we can be able to have a stable economy.

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