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A Black Child

A black child’s enemy is another black child

My title says it all, but let me explain what I mean by it.

Back then there was Apartheid and it hindered a black child from being successful because there were a lot of red tapes regarding the success of black people in terms of their education. There was segregation and places labelled as “White only”.

But now it is no longer like that; we have freedom to do what we want, although we’re still facing some challenges as a country. I believe that racism has no effect on poverty in this present age but black people are not open to new ideas, more especially when it is pitched by a black person. Some still have no trust for another black person. They only think good things are only performed by a white man because of their intellectual capacity.

They don’t imagine any great ideas coming from a black person, that is why I say they are their own enemies at this moment.

Black people’s businesses fall and close down because they don’t get much support from society. But if the idea was from a white man, the man would be overwhelmed by the support they get from black people.

Let’s stop saying we don’t go forward because of a white man, because we are the ones who are giving them power. If you can start investing in your own people, then you can see change.

And please understand me very well, I’m not trying to say black people should stop supporting white people, no. I’m saying black people should give the same support to a black child, that way we’re uplifting our black society. This can increase the rate of independence.

We can’t survive racism and now hate each other. Racism was not necessary but I think white people/Boers have long paid their dues for what they did, Apartheid).

We have gone to school and studied, we are qualified intellectuals and we have wisdom. So, everything that we want as blacks, we can do and win.

The solution to all of this is that we must work together to empower each other and stop seeing faults from each other’s ideas. Let’s work together and fix the wrong that we see instead of letting the idea go to the drain. Let us think for the next generation. If we don’t see anything great from us, do you think they will see it? No, they won’t, instead they will depend on another race.


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