Opportunities disguised as disappointments

 Opportunities disguised as disappointments

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. How easy it is to apply this statement in a context of a relationship, however this statement can be applied literally in every life situation encountered. Perhaps a perfect example would be creating my own version that will suit a life situation I’d like us to draw a lesson from; “one man’s disappointment is another man’s opportunity!”


Many a time we try so hard to innovate something, something out of this place, something that will take the world by storm and immediately take our careers, dreams and goals to the next greatest heights. How can we not think of inventing new things seeing that there are many opportunities but not many people benefit from those? We spend sleepless nights hoping to come up with that one great idea that no one has ever thought about, but what if what we have been looking for is right at the blink of our eyes? What if what we are searching for is right at an arm’s length, waiting for us to stretch forth our hands and grab it? Have you ever thought of looking at your surroundings and see what has been already disposed to you?



Think about the technologies, ideas and inventions that have been tried before, tested and failed; how many of us bother to look into the archives and see why did they fail? How can they be improved today and peradventure be implemented as part of the solutions we seek? It is not often that you’d find the majority of us searching documented failures of the elite, to see if we could come up with the solution of what another man failed to produce. After all there is nothing new under the sun.



Our world today needs man and woman who are not lazy to take a few steps back, get their hands dirty searching inside the recycle bins for failed conclusions which have a potential of being a success today. Not all opportunities come wrapped in a form of a new idea or great invention; some will come in a form of another man’s disappointment that needs vigilant eyes to see the failure as an opportunity for a new success. Some opportunities are disguised as disappointments! Let us therefore learn to channel our energies not only in discovering new things but also try to draw lessons from what others failed to see an opportunity.



– Nthabiseng Ledimo

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