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The Women of Influence and Leadership Clico Hotel

The Women of Influence and Leadership Clico Hotel

The woman of influence and Leadership in Johannesburg was a life changing experience. It felt really overwhelming to sit on a panel with such phenomenal woman. 

I was the youngest woman on the panel alongside Charlene Deacon, Criselda Dudumashe and Dr. Toni luck.


Dr. Toni Luck was the key note Speaker and the rest of the women on the panel where addressed with specific questions by Timothy Maurice Webster and the audience who attended the event.


The Event took place at the Clico Boutique Hotel, A beautiful setup. We started off with an hour networking session in which all the women were treated / pampered and having their nails and make up done to set the tone of the event.


“it’s our responsibility to teach boys to be better men” Dr. Toni Luck


We then went to the Clico dining room, where Dr. Toni Luck addressed us about our obligations and responsibilities as women. My favorite part of her speech was when she stated “Teach men to have capacity, teach your girls to shut up”.


I believe this was a very strong statement because I believe it was a unique way of her encouraging us that it starts with us, she went on to say “stop blaming men for everything because it’s us that gave birth to men therefore it’s our responsibility to teach boys to be better men.


I believe this was a life changing event for every woman that attended. I will most definitely never be the same again. The transformation has begun. I love how my perspective about a lot of things is different. This event was by far a game changer.

– Tshepiso Phosa

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