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The Game Changer Seminar Experience with Peng Joon

Success is where preparation and opportunity meet


I attended a two-day business and financial advice seminar with Robert Kiyosaki on the 28/29 of July 2018 alongside my Leadership 2020 family. At this event I encountered Peng Joon speaking about online marketing and sharing ways to maximize online tools for business growth.


Peng Joon offered the attendees a special offer to attend his exclusive coaching session on online marketing that was meant to be held two months later. I took the opportunity and made an investment to attend the exclusive coaching session.   

Fast forward to the weekend of the 21st Of September 2018 where I attended the Peng Joon, Game Changer Seminar, filled with excitement and exception I traveled from Nelspruit to Johannesburg a few days earlier to make sure I didn’t miss the great opportunity of being in the same room as the marketing guru, Peng Joon.     


On the day of the event, 21st September 2018, I woke up early fully expectant of an amazing time of learning.


I learnt about the internet marketing funnel which is marketing strategy whereby you are constantly funneling new leads into your business, in the hopes of developing a sale and relationship with the user. A marketing funnel is often seen as an upside down pyramid.


I was so excited to engage with Peng Joon again. He did not just teach us about new systems online but he taught me how to create videos, how to present myself and my business in the most effective way. Peng Joon stated “if your mindset is broken then your already broke”.


 I could relate with these words because I believe you need to be of the right mindset when you’re at work or within your social circle in order for you to be able to achieve your goals.  I believe it’s crucial for one to have an optimistic mind and to be open minded. This event was by far one of my highlights of the year.


The content that was taught was so specific and I was equipped with the right tools to increase my business and navigate around various markets online.


I plan on starting to sell my own waters and juices through one of the funnels that I will be creating. For my book I’m planning on selling it online through one of these funnels. I’m looking forward to seeing the results in my business within the next six months.


I felt happy to be part of such a phenomenal event and ready to take on the online market.


– Tshepiso Phosa

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