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The Entrepreneurial Journey

The Entrepreneurial Journey

The year just began and some recently accepted the call of entrepreneurship, reasons and choices can vary for taking the decision to go through this journey. Some are already on the voyage, ‘fascinating, exciting, rewarding, freedom are some of the positive words you will hear while others will call it daunting, challenging and many more that you will add for yourself as you take steps daily towards your destiny.

Before taking any journey it is necessary to know who you are. Who are you as an entrepreneur? This you will answer for yourself, your personality, reasons, the business endeavours, skills, purpose, service, will help you define who you are. After you done with that, you will be able to understand which type of entrepreneur you are.

Mainly, there are three types of Entrepreneurs

    • Lifestyle entrepreneur, these entrepreneurs own, and are generally are their own one-man band business. Their business has no substantial value in that it cannot be sold without the entrepreneur. The business does make consistent profits and the profits are sufficient to sustain the entrepreneur’s lifestyle.
    • Subsistence entrepreneur, these own, their own one-man band businesses. The business has no real value in that it relies completely on the entrepreneur.
    • Growth entrepreneur – this entrepreneurs business has value and relies decreasingly on the entrepreneur. It may or may not have been making profits but it has potential without the entrepreneur to generate profit.

I have an entrepreneur oath that I have adopted, it encapsulates my understanding of the entrepreneurship choice, and it has helped me in my dark days it was written by Allon Raiz a successful entrepreneur and founder of Raizcorp.

Entrepreneurial Oath

I have undertaken a journey of growth and pain.

I understand that there will be many dark days

Where I will want to throw in the towel, but won’t.

I know that, for what might seem the longest time,

I will dread month end. I am comfortable with being

pressured by my family and friends to get a real  job.

I am prepared to lie awake , for many nights, planning

my way out of perceived imminent failure.

I am ready to be told by my potential clients that I am too

expensive or too inexperienced. I anticipate falling so many times

that I will ache as I stand up again.


For I know that it will all be worth it in the end

As I extinguish the words of my naysayers and the

loudest of them all- the one that lives in my head.


For I am an entrepreneur; i have chosen this life above

Immediate comfort as I strive to create wealth and

to make a difference in the world around me……

There are over 500 definitions of what an entrepreneur is and does. There are three common major things in all entrepreneurs: 1.they see an opportunity, 2. take a risk and in doing so 3. Create value.

The entrepreneurial choice is a difficult one, but it is worth it. Trust your choice, trust the process and enjoy the journey. Remember you are a determined, decisive, dedicated doer and dreamer.

– Nomah C

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