Sometimes the only thing that we truly need in life, is patience. For me patience does not mean waiting for things to change, but working to make a change. Simulation is exciting, the way people paint their lives of social media is intriguing, it’s like we are the client and the thoughts we have about ourselves is the PR agency.


The truth of the matter is that not everybody looks or feels good everyday, even monks meditate in the rain some days. We need to learn to look ahead when walking forward, meaning thinking of our future not our present mood or number of followers or likes.


Social Media is great, it connects us and teaches us a lot about the world around us, the only problem is when the world around us is merely pictures of what people think they are not who they are.


If you were to tell the five year old of yourself that you would be waking up everyday to post a status and stressing about the amount of people who like it, I bet he or she would tell you to simply go fly a kite, play with your dolls or just have fun.


Having fun does not mean doing what looks fun, but doing the things that truly bring joy to you, like spending time with your family or simply walking your dog.


Patience is doing the things that you like, that you enjoy or simply believe you were born to do. Because at the end of the day, you are not trying to get a dose of acceptance by the world, but you are simply trying to learn about yourself. To some people, making money might look like a purpose, but do you really think you will be thinking about e-wallets when you are on your death bed?


Get some perspective, about your life, business and the world around you, and you will realize that you were born to do things that truly make you alive, not things that turns your ego alight!


Be patience in knowing yourself, spend time with yourself, and those that you love, so that when people meet you they really get to know you, not the image you have about life that you saw on social media.

– Thabo Ledimo

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