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Motherhood and Entrepreneurship


Motherhood and Entrepreneurship 

Motherhood has taught me a lot. It’s like a training & development programme where you gain Life skills  for free . Mentorship and being a teacher comes natural.

Motherhood is one of the most difficult jobs there is but all women are candidates to this beautiful chapter. It gives you a new strength  in yourself , something you didn’t know was there until you had children. Just like being an entrepreneur it’s a risk worth taking and it also gives you a new sense of purpose and meaning in life.

I have learnt to appreciate my own mother & all mothers more now that i am a mother.

Pain is gain, those who went through the process of giving birth know what I mean . It might last for a minute or more but it’s temporary.That pain does not kill. 

You’re “why” during the pain is the one which pushes you. The harder the pain the closer you are to giving birth. That moment is not the time to give up, but to push & listen to those who know & have gone through the process to hold you. 

1, 2, 3 push and the gift is born & the pain is gone. 

The lessons that come from this are so great. Many Entrepreneurs can relate to the above. As they can testify to the fact that it is tough in the beginning but the fruits are sweeter and fulfilling later.

As Entrepreneurs believe in themselves and are confident and dedicated to their project. Their intense focus on and faith in their idea may be misconstrued as stubbornness, but it is this willingness to work hard and defy the odds that make them successful. Mothers have the same characteristics when it comes to their children.

Entrepreneurship is a dynamic multidimensional concept. It needs the understanding and consideration as you will have to be hardworking ,disciplined and dedicated. This explanation relates to Motherhood .

Motherhood is a beautiful thing but I am not saying that young girls should go & get babies just to be a mother & experience it… NO…. If it has already happened learn from it & be the mother (life coach) train up a child in wisdom so that when they are old they don’t depart from it. But if you don’t have children yet stay in school, educate yourself, be equipped financially, spiritually & emotionally. So you can provide the best for your children. 

If you hate mothers it’s a pity because everyone comes out of one. In the same sense we might not understand entrepreneurs but we need them and they play a huge role. 

Lastly I love entrepreneurship & I must say mothers are the best hustlers & great entrepreneurs. 

Early morning not caring about whether the weather is cold, hot or raining she is there to sell to you amagwinya, fruits, etc before we get to work and schools & she is the last one who makes sure you can prepare a meal with those vegetables you will buy from her before getting home . All her children are going to school because she is a provider. Today you are old, graduated & hold positions in corporations. She thought as soon as you start working she will get time to relax but today she is taking care of her grandchildren as you continue to pursue your careers . So you see, Motherhood is a fulltime job and Entrepreneurship lives legacies , isn’t it just identical ???. 

If you want to see multi skills, just spend a day with a mother you will see, how she can be a chef, chauffeur, hairdresser, maid, teacher, nurse, handyman, counsellor & referee all in one day. In short mothers are Sheroes. 

Just like there is no one definition for entrepreneurship , there is no one definition for motherhood. Rather its accumulation of so many things. A combination of raw emotions , experiences and hopes and dreams for our children.

Kids love copy & paste and they,” Do like we do… 

So as you live, remember someone is watching and looking up to you. As an entrepreneur many are watching you , stay in your lane until you succeed. 

Motherhood is However , one the most sacred journeys you will travel in life , just like Entrepreneurship . Every mother has their path to motherhood , so does an Entrepreneur , the rewards are the same. So take the road less traveled and pave your own way . Enjoy it , cherish and embrace it . 

If you are a mother or a women and have not tried entrepreneurship the question is “ What are waiting for ? just give it a try it will fit like a glove

– Nomah C

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