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Hustle – Winning at work and life stuff



Winning at work and life stuff


“The future of the South African economy is the entrepreneur.”

“South Africa’s future is a human economy”

No matter how many different headlines you read – they all say the same thing.

The pressure is on us, the youth of SA. To fix the problems with jobs and money – while creating employment for the future and taking care of our extended families.

In anyone’s world, this is a lot of pressure.

What is this blog about?

If you’re starting out in your new job, looking for a job, or heading into your 30s and considering a change in job/career or starting out on your own, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by this constant grind and pressure, this is where you need to send your browser.

I’m going to talk to you about how to get through all the here and now stuff – how to navigate the life and work stress – and how to learn to manage people around you, those at work and those in your personal life.

My goal is to use my personal experience and learning to help you in your personal experience, learning and growth.

Who is Nicole?

Let me tell you a bit about me:

Born and raised in Johannesburg – to a South African dad and a mom born and raised in the Netherlands. (Talk about cultural warfare – but that’s a story for another day )

I have worked in advertising for 20 something years, run my own agency for 11 of them, and last year, started my 2nd business. I am a serial entrepreneur – I love the thrill and excitement of young people creating businesses that grow wealth, grow employment and grow learning opportunities.

More than that, I love learning and understanding human behaviour – let’s be honest – people are fascinating – not always lovely – but fascinating.

There’s always something to learn about ourselves by watching other people

The best part of what I do – is to contribute to helping young people become as brilliant, confident and happy as they were meant to.

No matter what we do in the world – in work, family, parents, friends – etc – we need to learn to deal with humans – so it stands to reason that the better we learn how to do this – the better we will feel doing it – and the more fun and success we will have.

I hope you will join me on this adventure


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