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Agriculture Project for the Litchis Farm

Agriculture may look boring but Investors & the banks will tell you otherwise. Seven years ago my father Dr Mathews Phosa told me the small Chinese litchi seeds he put on this land, 6000 of them would be produced and we would reap the fruits of our labour. I have been managing our staff for three years and I thank God for the skills they have taught me and most importantly I thank my dad for teaching me that no matter what gender or age I am, I will produce more if I plant the right seeds.


I found this to be a powerful statement “I want you to be better than me”, these are the words my father constantly shares with me & my siblings and I feel really blessed to still have him alive and well as I constantly learn from his day to day teachings on how to run these male dominated industries so that I am able to multiply our harvests. This morning we had a phenomenal drive through the Phosa Farm and as the General Manager of one of the Phosa Farms in Mpumalanga I am proud to say we employ more than fifty staff members. I am happy to say in February 2019 we will be producing our first harvest of Chinese litchis which we have decided to call them Phosa Litchis. Watch out for them in stores nationally and internationally.


These are the results produced from a wise father, mentor & a diligent daughter who is open minded to learning new skills and knowledge. Patience and listening is fundamental towards your success, Tshepiso Phosa fuelling the farm space. I am a product of the best. Fuelled by passion #MathewsPhosa You’re a genius always thinking ahead. My 2019 plans have already concluded in 2018. Thinking long term has helped me to achieve a long-term goal. Thinking ahead is the moral behind this surreal story. Remember intellectual capacity & wisdom will maximize your profits.

– Tshepiso Phosa

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