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Nicole has spent 20 something years in the advertising and marketing profession, 11 of which were owning and running her own agency. Nicole has a particular interest in business growth and leadership and firmly believes that by helping to grow entrepreneurial culture and to sustainably infuse this approach into corporate environments, will help to create more employment opportunities and grow the economy.  
In 2017, she co-founded The Black Swan Theory Company. A company which provides customer experience solutions with a view to entrenching customer lifetime value in service industries. They consult on strategies and implementation plans within companies. They provide business, marketing and brand strategies and implementations. Nicole writes thought and opinion pieces for various publications, has done MC work and speaks on the following topics:
  • Customer centricity – why and how this will help future proof your business.
  • Leadership lessons from Jeff Bezos – How he built the world’s most successful company and what we can learn about the relevance of our own businesses, and how to implement this in the South African context
  • Corporate and entrepreneurial culture – how and where they differ and what we can learn from one another.
  • After Advertising – what now?
  • Diversity – another perspective
  • Living Bold – what does that mean and how to do it at work and at home.
  • Leadership, entrepreneurship and building the small business.

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