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Welcome To Leadership 2020
Our purpose is rooted in service!

We are dedicated, focused and committed  to developing platforms, opportunities and networks for you to develop skills and join a network of potential. We are all about empowering others, learning together and growing individual dreams while attaining collective goals. Seven years ago (2013) we started a narrative around hustling, self development, entrepreneurship, and since then have remained consistent with the approach. We have expressed this in our books, events, training programmes and television shows which constitute our track record.

In South Africa and in Africa in general we understand that the future is dependent on the youth population that take the baton and develop Africa into its greatest possible space and shape. The Leadership 2020 way of doing things is with an intense focus on personal development and being a better version today of what we were yesterday. 

We hope that by visiting this page we inspire you to take action in developing you, whether its with us or not, our passion is in YOU taking care of YOU.

On this site you will be able to read blogs, watch videos, register on personal development courses and connect with us on social media platforms. 

Enjoy your stay and please let us know more about you by joining the family here or send us an email and let us know how we can serve you.