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Liz Ogumbo - KenSoul The Lotus Chapter 



Liz began singing at the age of four years old, her first exposure to music was through her father who taught her songs from the Luo tribe in Kenya. One of the songs Liz learnt in her childhood was Maro Pamore, which has been a hit single on her first professional music release: KenSoul.
For her love of music, Liz draws her influences from African music she experienced and indeed sang as a young girl. Liz intends to record more and more of these old gems as she continues to create and share her soul with the world.

Liz is a proudly Kenyan born citizen of the world. Currently based on Johannesburg, Liz has previously worked as a model in the USA and also has a fashion label called Liz Ogumbo which she founded in Kenya in 2006.

Her passion for cultural music influences include story telling in music through Benga, traditional Luo music including Nyatiti, Orutu, Ohangla, Kenge Kenge, and Swahili music such as Muziki Taraabu.

Liz is further inspired by Fela Kuti, Mbilia Bel, Tshala Mwana, Manu Dibango, Kanda Bongoman, Yvonne ChakaChaka, Etta James, Nina Simone, Bob Marley, Buju Banton, Beenie Man, Patra, Fugees, Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu and many more

Liz owns and leverages a combination of striking African looks with a sharp sense of fashion & style. Add to that her humorous writing and story telling ability, her smoky sultry vocal abilities, you get some of the differentiators that help position her USP.

Liz Ogumbo will be sharing her new music from her 2nd professional album entitled KenSoul - The Lotus Chapter on Wednesday 28th February at The Metro Restaurant in Bryanston, Johannesburg.

You are invited to join her and full band at 18h00 for the KenSoul listening experience as Liz shares her experiences, perspective and understanding through her latest release.

Expressed in Luo, Swahili, English & French through album, her Kenyan soul & her life experiences have developed this African girl child into a global soul instrument.
“This is not just listening music. It’s moving music. This is what you’ll soon realize about KenSoul.” - Liz Ogumbo

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Tickets are available at R200 and include a signed copy of Liz Ogumbo’s new album - KenSoul - The Lotus Chapter.

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