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Martin Manamela is an exceptional Motivational/Inspirational Speaker, Entrepreneur, Educationalist, and a Life Coach who specializes in Personal Development and Identity, Branding, Mentorship, Relationships and Marriage Counselling, Effective Communication, Leadership and Customer Service. He is also a social entrepreneur. Martin has spoken on many radio and TV platforms. His hard work and a willing heart to develop other people has earned him the 2016 SA Best Man of the year finalist hosted by the Department of Social Development.


Executive Coach & Trainer focusing on:

-Neuroscience & Leadership
-NLP & Leadership
-Strategic Intervention & Leadership
-Executive Presence Coaching


There are only two dynamic realities in the natural world: growth and decay. Decay is the consequence of neglect. But growth - well, that takes conscious effort. Effort not just aimed at what you do, but for the development of who you are. And it's a lifetime endeavour. All substantive human growth comes through expansion of thought. When we learn to see more than we saw before, we recreate our view of the world - and our potential. We make better decisions and choices. We realize greater meaning and purpose. We gain wisdom and lasting happiness that only comes through conscious management of our minds. Dr. Toni Luck is the amazing conduit to provide guidance and wisdom for you in these endeavors.

Amenda Makhetha

  • Admitted Attorney of the High Court of South Africa
  • Director of Makhetha-Ngcobo Attorneys
  • Renowned Public Speaker and MC
  • Recipient of Women 2 Women Award as KZN’s Phenomenal Woman of 2015

Daluxolo Jalmeni was born in East London, Eastern Cape.

His leadership foundation was founded at secondary phase at East London High School, as he was the grade 11 & 12 Leader of the Events Committee and the class of 2013 Head boy.

Tshepiso Phosa is a young 26 year old entrepreneur and the owner of Milviforce Puma N4 Nelspruit, which is one of the top fuel stations on the N4, targeting both local residents and business as well as a variety of tourists frequenting Mbombela. She is well versed in the petroleum industry with six years of experience under her belt.

Nicole has spent 20 something years in the advertising and marketing profession, 11 of which were owning and running her own agency.

Nicole has a particular interest in business growth and leadership and firmly believes that by helping to grow entrepreneurial culture and to sustainably infuse this approach into corporate environments, will help to create more employment opportunities and grow the economy.  

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