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Selebogo Molefe better known as DrLifesgud is a social entrepreneur who's a marketer at heart. He's maverick approach to solving problems in Africa has earned him a seat at the entrepreneurial dinner table. As the founder of The Hookup Dinner, a fast-rising ambitious startup movement for entrepreneurs in Africa, he has the privilege of connecting & engaging with the best minds focused on building a culture of entrepreneurship in Africa.

He's a champion of the rising African startup culture and sees his purpose & passion in life as that of CONNECTOR & ENABLER. He finds his strength in his Christian faith and bases a lot of his life & business decisions on morally sound ethics and values.

He is the Chief Entrepreneurship Officer of Lifesgud Global Investments (Pty) Ltd which he co-owns with life-long friend and business partner Phakiso Tsotetsi. 

The Hookup Dinner

  • Consists of networking, pitching sessions, aspirational talks and market-place opportunities. .
  • Active in 12 cities; 6 countries; and growing fast.
  • Expansion plan is in the following countries: SADC (South Africa, Botswana, Swaziland, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Zambia), East Africa (Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda), West Africa (Ghana & Nigeria)


Key Roles:
- Leadership
- Management
- Relationship Building & Networking
- Business Strategy
- Innovation & Creativity
- Customer Acquisition & Business Development
- Marketing
- Supplier Relations

Favourite Line:

“Alcoholics go to AA, entrepreneurs come to The Hookup Dinner”.

Connect on:

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ or LinkedIn: @DrLifesgu

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